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What should i do?

1 Name: Anonymous 2021-09-10 22:01
be me 25 y/o and finally landed a gf
shes into all the same shit i am
she kinda cute
few red flags like, overly clingy from the start
wants my attention 24/7 even when we just started out as friends from the beginning
so my gf is bipolar and depressed. Whenever we fight it usually starts off with her flipping a switch, blowing up in my face and she paints everything with a negative brush and everything is always my fault.
Objectively speaking shes always the one creating drama bullshit for no reason and she has a surprisingly a complete lack of empathy.
She deploys all these tactics where she will be fucking angry and steamroll with dumbass arguments and never let me speak, then cry and then rant more. I cant get a fucking word in. And if i do try to talk to her whenever shes quiet she gets mad because im not being nice to her etc even though she started all this shit by having no regard for me to begin with and by deploying these tactics shes effectively getting away with treating me like shit and making me the asshole in her mind.
I have been with her for a year now and before this i was completely stable and happy 24/7

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