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Not all Jews are Zionists.

1 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-08 11:26
Just a reminder: Though not all Jews are Zionists (like ' White supremacists,' but for Jews and 150% more loathsome), NOT ALL Zionists are Jews. There are fundamentalist "Christian Zionists" as well, but the only ones who truly profit from ZIONISM and the false designation of "antisemitism" and it being an exclusively "anti-Jewish" falsehood are Jewish Zionists

This misrepresentation is one Zionists use vehemently in the effort to brand a person "antisemetic" (another misappropriated term that Zionists, who are actually the most "antisemetic people on Earth, pull frequently out of their 'bag of tricks') when defending/shielding the terrorist state of Israel for their numerous war crimes and atrocities, or state and U.S. SANCTIONED APARTHEID for one example.

As far back as the early 1900s (and much earlier) the World recognized that JEWISH Zionists FULLY CONTROL THE U.S. which is why the totalitarian state of Israel even exists.

In order to entice the U.S. to come to their aid during their campaign against the remnants of the Ottoman empire and effort to secure the region (and its wealth) known as the Middle East, the ruling powers in the U.K. offered U.S. Zionists the area now known as "Israel" (which was actually PALESTINE, but to this day lying Zionists deny ever existed).

Your great grand father probably died for Israel and if you, or your relatives, or friends have fought in the wars in Afghanistan, Iran, or anywhere in the Middle East, you/they have fought and possibly died for Israel and the Zionists as well.

So, next time the Zionists call you to be Israel's bitch (like Trump, Biden and the majority of U.S. presidents have been through the history of this country) ask yourselves this,

"What exactly has Israel, or the controlling world Zionists, ever done for me, my nation, or the world, aside from sacrificing non Zionists for it's own personal interests?"

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