Doe Dicking.

1 Name: Anonymous 2021-06-11 12:16
decades of BBC and black masculinity shilling destroyed in few days by a black gay faggot activists
Like pottery.
2 Name: Anonymous 2021-06-11 12:26
I think they just switched sides. I highly doubt they care about bbc in the first place, they just want to muddy the genepool. It does not matter which part is the black or white, the end result is a mutt anyway
3 Name: Anonymous 2021-06-11 12:37
hehe... buck breaking totally isnt a counter meme... it totally hasnt coopted bbc spam... hehe... it's probably the same people posting it all anyway...

nice cope there bucko
4 Name: Anonymous 2021-06-11 12:41
Looks like this one is defective. Buckle up buck, its breaking time
5 Name: Anonymous 2021-06-11 12:43
inb4 kill yrself or gtfo
6 Name: Anonymous 2021-06-11 12:45
Alright let's get dubs
7 Name: Anonymous 2021-06-11 12:47
be me
create dozens of reddit accounts
post cis girls with them on r/trans
some troons call it a larp but the rest of them believes in me
many of them show self doubt and the fact that they're unhappy with themself
tfw just by doing this for 5 minutes a day I'm able to make some troons consider suicide or even actually convince them
8 Name: Anonymous 2021-06-12 02:45
I just went to r/trans to check this place out
and it's just and endless stream of selfies in bathroom of (mostly) dudes asking if they "pass" as women -- none of them do obviously. A mix between sexual fetishes and delusion, an embrace of fakeness and shallowness, an obsession over appearance and accessories referring to "femininity" but nothing real. A big disgusting simulacra, the emperor's new clothes.
How can our society accept this degeneracy as anything more tha what it is: a mental illness and a deviant sexual fetish which should be fought, not accepted and shoved down to kids. What's happening today is criminal.
All these faggots need to kill themselves ASAP

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