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Do you believe in the coronavirus?

24 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-21 14:25
I think its real, however I think the way we are counting "Covid Deaths" is completely broken. Hospitals have been over reporting "Covid Related Deaths" just so they could get more money and aid from the government. The Government aid was rushed out so quickly, that everyone was abusing it especially the hospitals, because it was so easy too and little oversight.

For an example, if a 97 year old dude that was a smoker for 40 years of his life, has alzheimers, has like 6 types of advanced stage cancer, comes in and dies. If they ran a covid test on him and it came back positive they would rule that a "covid death", despite his age, prior health issues (cancer) and the history or smoking. Hospitals would get more funding if they report him as covid death as opposed to cancer related death or natural causes like age.
25 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-21 14:40
Exactly're making yourself look stupid. We have a greater population now and we used the same technique as last time, and we have a tiny fraction of the deaths and most of them are comorbid.
26 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-21 19:17
Just saying bro. You are lucky, and I dont mean to come out all super liberal on you. But the fact that you feel bored and this is overkill means your government was competent enough to keep you safe. Shit is horrible here in 3rd world countries. I envy you guys with extra vaccines and able to walk around people. Even if you catch it, you know you will be fine. In here if you catch it, You are likely to be really fucked up and/or die. No joke. Hospitals dont even want you to come near. Lots of people have die in these countries and they don't make the stats. I know people who had it, Were fine the first days then got bad and die.
For Some of us other lesser human in these shitty countries can't even wash our hands with clean water. There is another world out there man.
27 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-22 08:14
Yes. I had it. And then I realized there is now a cult following that involves being retarded about science and medicine in literally every step of the process from last year to today.

Because believing Tom Hanks drinks the blood of molested children is easier to handle than a pathogen jumping out of an impoverished polluted shit pile and ravaging the world.
28 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-22 08:22
Not really.
29 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-22 08:33

Imagine a virus so deadly you have to test just to see if you have it. Fucking idiots.
30 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-22 10:38
Ever ask yourself why they only report infections and deaths but not hospitalizations? or how many are asymptomatic?

Why is it the news is keeping a ongoing count of how many infections but never tells you what that is in relations to a % of the population ?

These are basic questions that everyone should be asking, but nobody on TV is...
31 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-22 11:23
We are about due for World War 3 to thin out the population.
32 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-22 12:27
You've made the fairest argument thus fair, and I respect that and yeah you're right if my biggest complaint is being bored and not being able to work, then I really am lucky. I'm just saying the Canadian government handled this like shit compared to places like Japan's or Australia.
33 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-22 12:31
imagine being so retarded you don't understand the concept of being asymptomatic
34 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-22 12:35
it seems pretty obvious China released the virius to kill the protests and silence world discussion maybe it got out of hand or maybe they just didn't give a fuck.

Kinda odd that nobody asking that question anymore
35 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-22 14:15
I think the entire history of infections, the fact that quarantine has been the most effective means of containing disease for thousands of years, and current and contemporary evidence including but not limited to concerns about Covid-19 Vaccine efficacy against new variants makes it a solid justification.
I understand you're point, if the preventative measures are disproportionate to the risk then some scaling back of those measures is needed. Where that line lies isn't a black and white one, simply because different measures work better than others (i.e. simply reducing the total number of people coming into your country and quarantining them all vs. locking down).
However I think that the spirit of the measures has been necessarily and logical. The specific choices different authorities have taken in different countries have varied in their wisdom and efficacy. But, you always question insurance until it pays out.
36 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-22 14:41
The coronavirus can really fuck you up. I had a math tutor that was 23 and caught covid. He now has serious heart problems. I'm not even in a third world country! You should really watch out and stay safe.
37 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-22 14:44
Fauci has lied

Then might as well call Fauci your overlord because the entire world apparently believed him, including China and Russia.
38 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-22 18:20
This. Fucking this.
You will be normal one day, then the next minute the news. Ww3 fuckers.
39 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-22 18:58
"Can be deadly to elderly" so can the seasonal flu you monkey, that's why they're comparable.
40 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-22 19:07
Haha again that's just more examples of the virus NOT being deadly. Are you even capable of critical thinking, or did you just hear "asymptomatic bad" on fucking CNN and took that as gospel?
41 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-22 21:54
Do I believe there is such thing as a coronavirus? Yes.
Do I believe in colds? Yes.
Do I believe there’s a pandemic? No.
Do I believe millions have died from this magic COVID-19 strain? No.
Do I believe COVID-19 is any more virulent or deadly than any other strain? No.
Do I believe they’ve suddenly found a cure for the common cold, a virus, in a couple months? No.
42 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-22 23:05
Sorry to embarrass you, but the reason why it isn't as lethal as it could be is because lock-downs and slowing down international travel has for the most part prevented the virus the opportunity and environment to evolve into a much much much more lethal variant.
You see, the bank robbery metaphor works because of course there are no bank robberies, because the protective measures are working if there aren't. If the viruses is still at a stage where you don't just drop dead as soon as you have it, that means we can prevent it evolving to that stage.
43 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-22 23:06
Yeah very true, I think that's my biggest complaint. Canada has been using half-baked safety measures this entire time. We're still getting flights in from high risk country to this day, and have been almost the whole time. I just don't get why we didnt have a full shutdown the first time like other countries had.
44 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-22 23:07
100 million died in car accidents world wide in the last 3 years.

Jesus, at least make your lies sorta believable.
45 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-22 23:08
I just hope North Korea, and Iran don't get trigger happy with their nukes. That's our only real concern. Countries that have nukes that weren't smart enough to build them themselves.
46 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-22 23:08
Do i believe in it? Yes. Like some anons mentioned it is not so gard to believe that ignoring health protocols, working safty and god knows what can release something that totaly will fuck us all in the ass without lube.

If someone asks the question if we are close to managing that event. I would answer no. I mean thanks to a different country that uses cow shit as a pseudo remedy the whoel fucking thing turned up a few notches or what ever.

Do i panic? Nope. I still wait for my vaccine call, my parents and my bro are a bit earlier, but like mentioned i don't fell panic rising. I have time, and technically i live in a kind of isolation (only leaving for grocery and if i realy need some fresh air or maybe smokes).

So yeah.

The only thing that i look forward to is which country manages the impossible to let the little fucker mutate in a way that he totaly bypasses the vaccine and wreck havoc on all of us. Will it be India? China again? maybe Africa? some of the more developed countries? Who knows. At least i could put a stamp on the Apocalypse bingo card with the Coid pandemic.
47 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-22 23:08
it being asymptomatic in people is what makes it deadly. those people can unknowingly spread it to someone who might not be healthy enough to survive
48 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-22 23:09
Do you believe anything you see on the internet?

The answer is, yea sometimes.
49 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-22 23:09
The problem with that argument though is how much deadlier the virus is on the elderly and infirm. An effective bioweapon would affect the young and able bodied, which make up the majority of the Chinese protestors. A bioweapon is designed to kill indiscriminately, whereas this one is made up of such schizoid genetic code it is just a randomized roll of dice in anything it invades.
50 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-22 23:10
People get called conspiracy theorists for saying stuff like this, but everyone in the U.S. knows exactly how greedy and immoral our hospitals are. This virus has turned people into actual fucking retards
51 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-22 23:10
Masks, scared libs, and the big one, kids not in schools. those little fuckers are the driver of flu season
52 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-22 23:11
I'm not going to comment on Canada, simply because I don't know enough so I'd be talking through my ass. But personally I'm very much pro blacklisting high risk countries so I'd wager you have a valid criticism of their policy and implementation there.
53 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-22 23:11
Well yeah naturally that's the counter argument to mine, but I'm not saying we should have done nothing, I'm saying the measures we took were more drastic than they needed to be. Obviously in the beginning no one had any way of telling how dangerous it would be therefore the measures were totally justified, but this is where the argument halts and it just becomes a difference in opinion. I'm not embarrassed at all buddy no worries lol
54 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-22 23:12
There also a guy who fell off a ladder working on his roof, snapped his neck and he was dead right there, but because he had the Rona they said it was the Rona that killed him. Are you even awake in there???

No, there wasn't. Stop sucking Trump's little dick.
55 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-22 23:12
More curious about the long term damage that can happen. Sure on paper the virus may not realy sound that nasty, but what the long term effects might be is on a different scale.

I mean my country is more or less in a soft lock down? We can at least leave the house for now and do some little things. Okay stores are mostly closed, culture related stuff is closed and nearly dead. Rather sad, but at least you can see, when it comes to the stores and restaurants, who can adapt and who will drown.
56 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-22 23:13
That's what makes it able to transfer so quickly, not necessarily deadly. Just like how the cold transfers really easily, but no one freaks out cause it's not that lethal.
57 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-22 23:13
its called an analogy you fucking sperg
58 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-22 23:15
They've always reported hospitalizations in NY. Number in ICUs and intubations as well. Shit, even backwater shitholes like Mexico report hospitalizations....
59 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-22 23:15
n effective bioweapon would affect t

I agree with you, but if you have a vaccine in hand when you release it, then you don't have as much to worry about. I've not seen any news anywhere about China buying or requesting J&J or astra zenica vaccines from the US
60 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-22 23:16
it's real but it's literally just a new flu strain like everywhere gets every single year. all they did was label it and that's all it took for the whole world to turn their brain off and mindlessly "follow the science"
61 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-22 23:16
Yes. I believe in coronaviruses. From the relatively harmless ones to MERS. Covid-19 is a prolific one with a medium kill rate that hopefully evolves into a faster spreading but longer incubating MERS. That would make room on the planet.
62 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-22 23:16
Have Covid
Be asymptomatic
Die in an accident
Get tested postmortem
Positive, obviously
Be recorded as Covid death
Is this really science fiction to you? Do you realize how many people normally die on a daily basis?
63 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-22 23:17
What they don't report is Hospitalizations vs Infections. How many admitted vs how many discharged, placed on ventilators etc.

Which also determines how much funding they are allocated from the state.
64 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-22 23:17
yet somehow hospitals suffered huge financial losses due to covid, as they had to shut down all elective procedures, and had to be bailed out
65 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-22 23:18
That's not how it works. If you later died in the Hospital and were symptomatic then it would be listed as comorbidity. Not as the primary cause.
66 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-22 23:18
a really shitty one, you have no career as a writer
67 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-22 23:19
I have the feeling they didn't care for work safety. I mean we once or twice have vids that show how the chinese work, and safe working looks different.

so i have the feeling one of the lab heads did his stuff, coated himself somehow with infected blood and rubbed it in, ignored protocols with going to the supervisor (or if there was any) leaves work, gets sick and spread it like candy on halloween. Thats how i see it might have happened.
68 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-22 23:19
You're clueless, stop drinking the kool aid.
69 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-22 23:19
Reality was the exact opposite - not only did that not happen, people who died of COVID often were often listed as different causes. You've managed to be double wrong, lol.
70 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-22 23:20
That's exactly what they do report here in NY. Every single day since this started.
71 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-22 23:20
They report all of those numbers in my country (Germany). Chances are they do not trust idiotic Americans to get to a more then fox news level of understanding and therefore report only basics.
72 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-22 23:21
73 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-22 23:23
Bud, it isnt a secret.
The government fucked up. Doug fords even under fire over his orders. Ontario is rhe most locked down region in north america. and if you want to blame something, blame the last 20 years of our provincial goverments dismantling our healthcare and hospitals to the point our ICUs have like no capacity (the main reason were locked down so much, we just cant weather the smallest wave), and rhe fact that, yeah, the government is not following WHO recommendations and shit. theyre overkilling.

And if you want to know why, well, if you want my personal conspiracy. If I die, between my insurance and benefits I cost hundreds of thousands of dollars immediately, millions if you count my pension and tax revenue Id have paid. Thats not weird or abnormal. Death is expensive.

I dont know what kind of jobs youve had but im in skill trades, and the government is acting exactly like any large construction site with safety regulations to the point of enforcing OCD.

Long term it costs the company more to deal with me losing an eye than it does to force me to wear PPE and take an extra 5 hours doing one job carefully that would normally take 30 mins.
This is about insurance and large interests who stand to lose for every farality.
It doesnt matter if covid doesnt kill me and im assymptomatic. Someone somewhere my age with my cost will die from covid. So theyll enforce that shit on every last one of us to make sure as few people die as possible.
They dont want to pay a penny for you and rheyll drive you into debt to do it.

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