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317 Name: Anonymous 2021-11-25 21:09
YouTube Dislike Button

YouTube has attacked all of us, they removed the dislike button in order to ensure that we can be fed propaganda. When people cannot vote on what content is crap and what content is good you get censorship. Comments can be removed by the uploader, some comments are shadow-banned, and now the dislike button is removed. If in the past people got together and disliked the crap out of a video because it was bs, not anymore. This is done to sway people's minds, to censor, and to make crappy opinions look good.


Now that the dislike button, I can only imagine how easy it will be to scam people on YouTube. Have you ever seen those YouTube videos "Free Minecraft Premium Account Generator," well guess what, if in the past those videos have 70 dislikes and 20 likes to hint that the program is fake, now you will only see the 20 likes. Meanwhile, the video creator will delete any negative comments, cause he can.

The dislike button makes fake videos and garbage obsolete, by revealing that there's something sketch going on behind the scenes. Now that the dislike button is gone, scamming will become easier than ever.

For some people, this post will sound like a call to start scamming people, not at all.

We should devise a plan on how to resist the YouTube dislike button removal.

Some ideas:
- Reporting, report every video you would like to dislike, in the "other" section, just write "dislike."
- 1 star reviews in Google Play and App Store
- Thousands of people upload the same exact, trolly, video to youtube about the removal of the dislike button
- Emailing or even physical mailing of letters to the YouTube HQ, a meme of Pepe with a thumbs down - or the guy from Gladiator with his thumb down
- Destroy YouTube's Twitter

Any more ideas are welcome.

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