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315 Name: Anonymous 2021-11-25 09:26
mommy has spent the last week constantly talking on phone to someone, fighting with Mr Landlord, crying and writing papers
the bitch has even forgotten my chocky milk when serving tendies once. Tried to shit on the dining table as a revenge, but couldn't stand up to reach its surface
to say shortly, we're moving out
aunt and her husband are ready to provide an accomodation, but they're surprised she has to care for a baby boy
"have you had another child?" They asked her
uhhhmmm no, Anon is the baby boy
hear a sad but understanding sigh from the phone
all my toys and legos are packed already
sadly look at my empty playpen as I roll my 600 lbs body towards the diesel-engine steel-reinforced stroller with wheels from an offroad car
we go to the train station since all flight corporations have refused to transport me
waiting for the train takes ages
I've picked anything I could from my nose already
as I beg mommy to release my belt and let roll free a kind old woman approaches
Oww, who are you? Is he your son?
mommy tells her about my condition with a small tear in her eye
Oh, so Anon, you're a special 22 years old baby boy, aren't you? Don't worry, I won't hurt you
tells mommy she pities me, and that "God loves our handicapped children"
So sweety, what are your favourite cartoon?
finally somebody understands me
have a wonderfulconversation for 30 mins as the train arrives
she's my best and only friend from now, I can't hold my happiness and soil diapy a bit
cry when we have to leave
I still vividly remember this moment 15 years later, often have dreams about it. This lady is the best and only friend I ever had. If only I had asked her name....

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