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How mentally damaged are you anon?

18 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-03 06:51
These queer lesbians "they/she/them" created a google form to screen potential room mates in Denver.... Give them your worst!

Our household is committed to being a queer and trans affirming and anti-racist space. 420 friendly

Madi (she/they): I’m 23 currently working from home as a small group middle-school math instructor. I enjoy reading, being outside, stretching/yoga, rollerskating, creative outlets/crafts, and cooking vegetarian/vegan meals! I’m introverted but enjoy communal meals, playing games, and creating a comfortable home space.

Stevie (they/them): I'm 25 and an archivist working on site at Denver Public Library. I play music, love houseplants, enjoy movies and exercise. I value a household community that's invested in intentional communication.

Camilla (she/her): I’m 23 and work with a disability rights nonprofit. I enjoy spending time outside, crafting, eating Madi’s vegan meals, and socializing with friends. I also value a comfortable home space and open and honest communication.

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