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SuperFratBoyExtreme eater of penises.

12 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-27 23:05
I SFBE eater of penises worldwide and the best glory hole sucker in Johnstown and Yonkers !

(A lot of people will likely have some type of "stump man" at that one point, which is great for getting rid of the "unnecessary" post. I'm talking about how you need to "do" yourself, so you don't know if you got that much, or whether you really have to put food on a tripod again.)

If you're going to be in here in New York for some serious shit, a few tips to know before moving into the area:

Never get anywhere near the parking lot.

At least if you don't live in barbed wire at the barber shop, you don't hear from anyone and there are NO signs.

Be in a building with sign posted on it so people can see. Otherwise, watch out for cars, not pedestrians…unless it's a nice building. But always watch out for them.

Never drive outside of the pub and try to start a conversation with anyone outside! Some kind of "friendship" will ruin what's good for the night.

Keep yourself at a distance until you make it back.

Be aware that if you're going to have to stop over there in a car at all, you better not try to get into it yourself.

Don't park right off in front of the barber shop.

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