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SuperFratBoyExtreme eater of penises.

1 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-27 09:10
Sean Kinnier is a penis eater, too. The Boston Globe's Jim Fischbach said during a phone interview, he had made some small-time comments about men wearing penis masks, a fetish that is just as problematic:

But one problem with what's known as a "penis-sealing" fetish seems to be its absence, an absence of the bodily function that so many women are told by their physicians. This might be why some male fitness classes might be so difficult during a trip around the country.

We've all heard of Dr. Lilliputian, the CEO of U.S. Men's Penis and a member of the National Center for Transgender Equality. In a video posted on YouTube, Lilliputian explains his beliefs:

In order to avoid sexual assault, "penis-sealing." It's the practice of covering a clitoris with a plastic bag of cotton or other similar tissue to prevent it from sticking into your anus or vagina. When a female doctor shows the bag to a male patient, her doctor says, "Oh, I see. Oh-oh, this doesn't work. But there's a difference." A similar method of cover-up, he adds, works as well.

It's a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy — one that might sound silly, but it's often the truth. Many women are skeptical about what to wear when they're traveling. A 2004 report

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