SuperFratBoyExtreme eater of penises.

1 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-27 09:10
Sean Kinnier is a penis eater, too. The Boston Globe's Jim Fischbach said during a phone interview, he had made some small-time comments about men wearing penis masks, a fetish that is just as problematic:

But one problem with what's known as a "penis-sealing" fetish seems to be its absence, an absence of the bodily function that so many women are told by their physicians. This might be why some male fitness classes might be so difficult during a trip around the country.

We've all heard of Dr. Lilliputian, the CEO of U.S. Men's Penis and a member of the National Center for Transgender Equality. In a video posted on YouTube, Lilliputian explains his beliefs:

In order to avoid sexual assault, "penis-sealing." It's the practice of covering a clitoris with a plastic bag of cotton or other similar tissue to prevent it from sticking into your anus or vagina. When a female doctor shows the bag to a male patient, her doctor says, "Oh, I see. Oh-oh, this doesn't work. But there's a difference." A similar method of cover-up, he adds, works as well.

It's a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy — one that might sound silly, but it's often the truth. Many women are skeptical about what to wear when they're traveling. A 2004 report
2 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-27 09:16
Sean Kinnier may have killed a hamster by putting it up his anus last Wednesday night in a local supermarket. So it took him 14 years to do it, but it did happen.

Kinnier had to perform a surgery on a small hamster, an animal that happens to contain a lot of iron. It was discovered by a lab assistant at a local pub.

Dr Rob Walker, of UCL Hospital Hospital, who led the operation to see if the hamster needed rehydration, said he was surprised when he heard about it and was shocked when he saw that Kinnier had made the decision.

"We thought that this was normal animal welfare," he said. "And obviously people have to be given some guidance as to what constitutes normal living behaviour.

"People have been told that to be so is not normal, as it is to live as normal and not be scared. It's hard to imagine that it will be treated that way. It is normal. The hamster was no exception."

Kinnier was arrested in 2011 for being overweight after he was found not caring what he was eating. In 2010 he was sentenced to nine months in custody before going to trial for what he said was not knowing what to do with his hamster.

He has faced questions about his behaviour since the police raided his shop after telling the media he didn't like being overweight.

Since he was arrested he has been receiving financial blowjobs in jail.
3 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-27 13:39
His name was SFBE the anus of the night, he paid for his own glory holes and the world knew this and hated him for being queer, but the lord of the gays came for Sean one day, I'm very afraid for my own safety you just don't know anymore. So this is my journey of finding out where he is, what do he think he is, and, yes , does he do anything to stop his fucking ass from growing a new asshole. What he does with a dick is not easy, it's like what you have of your own mind that you are in a fucking hurry to deal with but you're not. You're living a dream and are looking out for your own sake. And at this point, you can't really take it anymore. You're doing whatever you want to you know. You know you don't want them to come back to life because of you because the fuck am I going to fucking let them go this fucking morning and let myself be on social media because I like you and I feel weird about what I'm seeing and I want to come to be with you and I'm here to take care of you and I'm there to help you and hehe, oh you're so cool. I was supposed to post this picture on my facebook tonight, don't have no fear, post it there. But as I'm writing it down, Sean and I are getting so nervous about a few things.
4 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-27 14:07
Sean knew his time was up, K-mart would not want a gay boy hanging around the bathroom stalls at night, the area was dark and niggers would hang around the area 24/7 selling ICE and TCPP. He would get drunk, and so would everyone he knew - they knew who he was, and he would beat them up with his 2 inch micro penis. He told me he was going to kill me.

I remember one morning you heard about the police saying that his ex was going to get married and leave this country - and they asked why you stayed a year. You said they would send you home soon, and he would never come back.

Tucker, your ex was dead. I remember one day in the middle of the night, he started fucking up and yelling at somebody. A guy called me and said he was not allowed to go home. "You can't live here," said a man. "We'll send you home if you don't." I didn't like it. I left him. He went in and broke up. He never came back - no one thought I left him. He never got to get back home. There is a lot of racism in the community, and I knew he was from a place where he was very, very mean, and his whole world was about hating blacks. The whole community was looking for a "white" person for him.

I remember coming out of my car early one night where there was nothing.
5 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-27 14:22
Sean knew he was from Generation Muppet and with a milk cup in his hand did he wipe that monkey anus of the nigger three doors down?

I guess I bet him the monkey head nigger would have shat on his pants and not been pulled at the waist under the foreskin.

Do you remember him sitting like that, doing a couple of hands at his crotch and the monkey was all like, "Nooo", "It's your turn."

I know I'm being sarcastic but I do remember getting a bit jealous, and when he turned to me saying, "But what the fuck is this, he's not actually faking like me", the two of you said like, "What do you mean, what were they thinking?"

Then I was like, "They thought the monkey was his own fucking niece and they were going to eat that monkey head and they'd eat it off a chicken."

And he would still say that, and he would try to eat the little part of his ass off. I'm sure he knew that he never said that himself.

So you knew how it looked before that he had his dick removed and that he had to lay on his hands and knees waiting and waiting for his next turn in heaven.

Anyway, because if it could get to that in the middle of the night and nobody could get up there to see how he looked or where he was, then maybe there might be more.
6 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-27 14:39
Generation Muppet and the Niggers of Doom was the last Jew filmed watched by Sean Kinnier the night he was lost in Safeways for the 10th time this year and it's only April, 2021 hasn't been a good year for poor old Sean of the Johnstown the Bathroom key-holder (although he's made the right choice in this case), so Sean went on the ranting to the world: "We all make bad films, so you've got to have a funny mind. And for all our talent it doesn't matter who else you watch. This is where you start to see a big gap between the public eye and the reality of life. We live in a culture where people can see this, and that's that.

I'm not about to allow our children to see it in any more detail than we already do." Here it is: Sean was in his thirties with a young man who was not sure of the meaning of his surname so he called himself Sam. Sam was in a class of 18 who was about to undergo the final stages of puberty, so before he had any idea when that would take place, he had been taught by his teacher something of an ancient and well-known tradition of saying the words 'fellow, fellow, fellow, friend' or the words 'you are my friend'. Sam had to go to an uncooperating school and find his way up before he was to discover that on many of the more popular.
7 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-27 15:05
The all seeing anus was mad just like Macho Man was with Hollywood Hogan on the night of June 5th 2000, Sean was watching Nitro upset that the Undertaker on WWF Raw was jobbing to the Rock and Steve Austin each week, Sean was a HHH fan since 1997 and cried when the Ultimate Warrior pinned Triple-Bitch in 1 minute !!! His asshole had a big head he was just mad. He was also very annoyed when Vince McMahon said that a match against Seth Rollins at the WWE Hall of Fame Hall of Fame Hall of Farmers would be a little different than a traditional WrestleMania. He was just mad at the idea of AEW taking a lot of of wrestling fans wrong and ruining his own reputation and not saying anything to support the WWE or Vince or anyone else.

"I did what I knew WWE would do if I'd heard a word that it was coming and it wasn't me, it was the WWE I knew I wanted to lose." He laughed when Triple-Bitch asked when he would be able to get back into the wrestling business though. This was during the time when Hulk Hogan was coming out as a nigger hater and he was being offered retirement as a WWE employee as he was a guest on Saturday Night Job Show as well. Vince gave Randy the right to get out in his own back yard and try at a match in the back yard of Vince McMahon's home. He even had a good fight with the guy the guy had left back then!
8 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-27 15:12
AEW was just like WWE, shit and we mean SHIT, Sting might be there but so was Paul White the 600lb of Hamburger, and Sean loved it all, Wrestling fan hated it !" Taps later recalled, "And when we started trying to make a show we basically were just going out and killing on the streets of downtown Boston doing it. We didn't feel there was anything we could do that we knew wouldn't work in WWE but if you were in an industry that was going to exist we knew they might take a look."

The ROH roster did not grow. They faded after the 2008 season. The move to D-List in 2008 became infamous as WWE's downfall, but at that point, D-List would not be known as the WWF in the west because of their limited business relationship with the likes of TNA, The Rock, and SmackDown.

D-List also became known for its feuding style, which has caused problems with WWE's current programming, as most of its shows do not feature a tag team.

AEW continued to promote its storylines but did not produce the series when they moved to D-List. Although it was known for The Rock and The Smoking Gun, they did appear live at a few shows, including the Big Show Comedy Co-Op in 1996.

The feud started with a backstage brawl involving Rick Hall. In a way, it was pretty much a D-List Sunday Night Heat.
9 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-27 15:22
Sean had always wanted to be a women since he first seen RuPaul on TV, and at the end he was inspired to find out something more than that from a man.

"RuPaul gave me a gift to help my mind move forward, and I am so thankful."

On his first day on Drag Race, he was in for the first time, having a few beers with RuPaul, as well as the rest of the cast, and got to talking with RuPaul again. "I wanted to play RuPaul... I don't want to give anything away. But my job now is to be RuPaul's Drag Race host and my biggest gift is that I have an enormous sense of humor and I'm like a really cool comic. So I made a big movie called Meeko Meeko, with RuPaul, and because I play one of his idols in the show I got to play it more. People just say (they think) I'm a big dick, I'm a big drag queen. Ru wants to show them that. So we made a huge movie. And I want to prove my mom and my sister right."

So with that coming out, with his best friend from his freshman year at the University of South Carolina, the show started as a joke, and started to grow. But soon the show reached a point where he was afraid to stop playing that joke at home, which led him to create his own comedy book based on his Luigi youtube videos.
10 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-27 15:27
Sean like swear at people on the New York Subway, even better if that person is black. In a recent article from Forbes, "Eighty-five Percent of Feds Think Black Lives Matter", he makes another point which is as true: "It's because of the fact that whites and blacks share a common cultural and linguistic background, and that this is how white people see their cultures." The rest of the world has completely changed, but it is still a struggle to stand up and speak out and see. Because if people are not seen as important in society I would not be able to find people to support them. I know I could if I wanted, if I wanted, but not in America. I feel that if you speak out publicly I can take your case home to my family and friends, my church membership, my friends I can visit, and I can get you to step out of all that. I will keep fighting tooth and nail to have my voice heard by all.

I hope you all can do your part so that the other ones will be aware of the truth about the issue on the Left and the right. If you are worried you are being ostracized by a party and you are not speaking up for it, you must have an impact and get outside to take steps that will make that hurt a lot more. Also, if this is your only concern you must be the number one person on the Left that actually stands up and says something.
11 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-27 15:42
Sean Kinnier has Joined the Anti-Black Lives Matter club of Texas with other members of the KKK, We hate Nigger they yell at Black niggers on the street with nigger poping caps right back at the KKK, Nigger with guns it should be banned say's Sean Kinnier of Johnstown, 37. He also joined the anti-KKK gang the Gang for America last year and is just now joining the group as another member of the hate group.

"You could call it anti-cop-fascist but in reality it is anti-gun violence because it puts the law and the health of the country at risk so everyone should have their gun taken away," he said. "Not everyone's gun should be taken for a life if it's a life if the person is going to shoot a black person. It should be taken as far as we think it's in this state."

RELATED: Police in Ferguson stop a crowd of retarded black protesters, and kill 16 of them with a .22 ACP because they were Black.

RELATED: Since black deaths in the USA, IQ has jumped 6000%, Joe Jackson said this is racist, "IQ are up because of the many deaths of Black Men in the US".

RELATED: Since the Police's new Black Crime shoot-on-site law came into effect, Rape, Murder, Looting and shootings has dropped 6000%, Andrew Brown said facts are racist.
12 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-27 23:05
I SFBE eater of penises worldwide and the best glory hole sucker in Johnstown and Yonkers !

(A lot of people will likely have some type of "stump man" at that one point, which is great for getting rid of the "unnecessary" post. I'm talking about how you need to "do" yourself, so you don't know if you got that much, or whether you really have to put food on a tripod again.)

If you're going to be in here in New York for some serious shit, a few tips to know before moving into the area:

Never get anywhere near the parking lot.

At least if you don't live in barbed wire at the barber shop, you don't hear from anyone and there are NO signs.

Be in a building with sign posted on it so people can see. Otherwise, watch out for cars, not pedestrians…unless it's a nice building. But always watch out for them.

Never drive outside of the pub and try to start a conversation with anyone outside! Some kind of "friendship" will ruin what's good for the night.

Keep yourself at a distance until you make it back.

Be aware that if you're going to have to stop over there in a car at all, you better not try to get into it yourself.

Don't park right off in front of the barber shop.
13 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-28 00:25
The year was 2011 and SFBE just found out he has AIDs from unprotected sex with a negro from Yonkers. He's been living with both of these guys and knows why they have a long history and no known problems with HIV

In a letter to a online newpaper SFBE talked about his rehabilitated sex disease manifesto, The man who had sex with SFBE recently committed suicide in his Santa Monica apartment, according to The Huffington Post's sources in Santa Monica for a number of weeks. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the man, a 23-year-old single parent, had been staying with his girlfriend in the apartment she shared with him on December 14. His girlfriend died in the incident early Sunday afternoon. The Dallas Morning News has learned that the first gay Republican presidential contender in the country has been banned after making a homophobic joke. When the New Zealand Herald reported that his campaign was calling him the "Rude Man" as a response to "gay slurs" used against him, a campaign aide told The News Tribune he didn't want to insult the gay political party. "I just felt I'm getting the benefit of the doubt from being the candidate that is making the most hateful of offensive words and comments in
14 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-30 16:35
This man has autism, he has trouble forming social relationships.
15 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-02 04:27
Please keep going lol
16 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-05 03:22
My black money butt was so big SFBE needed to put his mini penis right into my starfish!

I want to be able to sleep here. I need a home, maybe an apartment… I need the space and the time and I even want to sleep here!

I want to be able to sleep here! But I don't feel like I've ever been to a beach party or an art festival or anything like that. I'm just like "fuck your big ass, it's going to hurt too~"

I want to be able to sleep here. My butt's like 5,6 inches. I feel good, I know I'm capable and happy, but I just can't take a good girl's dick. My butt is huge and it needs a real kick up its ass, or something. It's like being under your fucking hands. And it sucks, like a giant dildo in your ass. It's gonna hurt and it's like getting fucked by a bitch.

I want to be able to sleep here. I need the space, I need the time to work, I need to be physically fit. I've never looked so sexy before in person, the way I look. (I'm just like a guy.)

I want to be able to sleep here. My butt is about right. I'm just like "fuck that is real, I need your dick" and I want to do it.

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