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I just found out I'm on the spectrum

5 Name: Anonymous 2021-02-25 14:59
Be me
Cis straight white male
Have an incredibly vivid dream
In dreammode.exe I was a beautiful ballerina
Was all dolled up in tights, a tiara, and a pink tutu that stuck straight out from my waist
Was dancing and twirling and mincing around, light as a feather, enjoying it 10/10
Wake up, think wtf, but shrug it off
Can't stop daydreaming about it now
Mfw I'm watching ballet tutorials on youtube
Mfw I'm shopping for tutus online
Wtf boys? What's happening to me? Did something awaken in me?
Mfw I think I'm a fairy, a Sugar Plum Fairy
Am I a - a faggot?

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