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How does this makes you feel?

4 Name: Anonymous 2020-09-15 20:34
Money is amazing and its a good tool for accessing an amazing life.

The problem is the richest people in the world don't care about their lives. They just desperately scrape a pile of money, property, gold and stuff until they die. They will never be satisfied. They will never be happy. They will never have enough.

The will compromise everything to get more money. Especially their family life suffers. They create fucked up trust fund babies who hate their parents because they were never loved. The trust fund babies become people who live theier lives to buy things, get high and then die alone and miserable.

All rich people are in a panic about others trying to take their money. They can trust no one and if they do trust others they get money stolen and they're left heartbroken.
Rich people spend half of their life in court suing people and getting sued.

Do I want money? Yes. Am I jealous of people like Bezos? Nope. That's a shit life too.

My life is like a good meal at a good restaurant. People like bezos have to go to the same buffet every night and eat the whole fucking thing. Fuck that

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