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Do you guys think the coronavirus is real or not?

46 Name: Anonymous 2020-09-15 12:42
Hospitals are emptier than they've ever been in recorded history.

Just like the holocaust. The people who want you do obey them come up with anything scary they can think of to make you do as your told.
Remember when they were saying it sterilized you?

People not wearing masks is not the reason they dragged it out this long.
You're an idiot. They've shifted from "flattening the curve", to "New normal".
The entire point of movement restrictions and masks was to slow the spread to not overwhelm hospitals. We even went too far with it and ended up making hospitals ghost towns, as you know.
When you look at area under the curve the "flattened" curve has more getting infected than the spike ever does. It wasn't about saving lives. It wasn't about eradicating the virus, we were never meant to wear masks until the virus is made extinct. That's never going to happen. It has shifted to the new normal as a social credit system.
You do wear your mask right?
You're not antiscience right?

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