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Belle Delphine

396 Name: Anonymous 2020-11-23 08:26
not everyone who engages in jewish behavior is a jew you dumb nigger. Is she manipulating markets? Subverting cultures? Trying to change laws to benefit herself and her kind? No.

She's just an e-thot, and probably one of the smartest of them when it came to marketing and self promotion. Honestly as much as degeneracy pisses me off I can't blame any of the girls who do this shit. They are taking advantage of systems that are already in place. Hell shes made more money in a few years for not even (until now) showing even her tits. Thats more money that 99% of people will make in their lifetime. If you're going to blame anyone, blame the retarded simps and radical leftists who enable this kind of behavior and make it profitable. If there was no reward or incentive for girls to do patreon/onlyfans there would be pretty much none doing it. If you havn't realized that the people who play by the rules and always try to do the right thing are the ones that get fucked over the most then you need more life experience.

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