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Belle Delphine

349 Name: Anonymous 2020-11-10 09:23
If you are a simp, in particular a belle delphine simp or Vtuber simp, why? I genuinely want to know why you pay to receive nothing...? Why you would fight so hard for someone who is giving you nothing and who doesnt actually give two flying shits about any of you except that you pay them for giving you nothing? I really want to understand it.

I remember when camgirling started to become popular. back then we paid girls and we had those girls do shit for US. we told them to piss in a cup they did, we told them to eat shit they did, told them to masturbate they did. anything we told them to do they did it, an in exhange they got $30, $50 MAX. But now, in 2020, i see people donating THOUSANDS of $$$ to a fucking virtual avatar in exchange for "aww thank you anon!"? WHAT THE FUCK? How did the zoomer generation get so fucked in the head? just 10 years ago that would have been unheard of.. What fucked the Zoomers to donate $1000 to someone who doesnt even show tits?

please help me understand this new level of mental illness. Its concerning and is empowering even the women who were too ugly for Ethoting. Do zoomers just not have balls to even get a woman to do something for them when you pay them?

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