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Belle Delphine

14 Name: Anonymous 2020-08-03 13:28
Hi there, Belle Delphine.
What brings you to 4ct?
28 Name: Anonymous 2020-08-05 18:46
I wish Belle Delphine was in a diaper, and it was FILLED with rotten shit. I would then lick up all the shit and then wipe her down with some cleaning wipes, then enjoy a big black man taking care of her, sexually.
33 Name: Anonymous 2020-08-06 22:53
So, you guys know she laughs at you guys when she takes all your money, right?
You know youre never getting nudes, right?
49 Name: Anonymous 2020-08-21 17:48
You're actually an incel though, and most likely more useless than 99% of all women. You will never, ever, be recognized for anything positive in this world.
70 Name: Anonymous 2020-08-26 06:41
I had a mega link with her of content about 4 months ago but it got taken down. It wasn't even all that great of stuff. Her pussy isn't spectacular. Her nipples are just average. She's just ok nude.
She's so much better teasing than actually showing anything.
82 Name: Anonymous 2020-08-26 11:45
She deserves every penny she makes :)
204 Name: Anonymous 2020-09-11 07:11
Wahhh wahhh it's so hard being a beautiful petite QT that EVERY fucking male on the planet aged 12-120 wants to fuck and impregnate. I really would like to feel sorry for her but I just can't. If she had any fucking brains at all, she'd be worth at least $10MM by now. Instead, she makes shitty, whiny videos on the china app while not making any money.
218 Name: Anonymous 2020-09-14 21:27
She's a nimfo
222 Name: Anonymous 2020-09-15 03:02
thread made by a paid shill for belle
238 Name: Anonymous 2020-09-15 16:43
She's fucking hot obviously. Why does she trigger autists like you so much because she makes money from losers, how does it effect you?

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