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Why is LARPing so popular?

6 Name: tokiko 2020-07-28 11:51
cause right wingers want to feel bigger and more interesting then they really are.
7 Name: Anonymous 2020-07-28 12:00
You would be a fool to think LARPing was born with the internet. It's old as the world. Most people have a shit life. Instagram fags only highlight the best part, making it seem like a Hollywood movie. The reality is simply that life is a long wait for death.
Why do you think so many people gather when they see a fight, or a traffic collision. Because for a short time something is happening in their boring life.

Of course LARPing can be done for different reasons, sexual like you pointed out.
I remember back on Diablo2, friends of mine used to say on their profile that they were a gamergurrrrl and desperate souls dropped Sojs and other stuff for them. People are stupid, what do you expect?
8 Name: Anonymous 2020-07-28 12:26
You mean this guy?

I've often wondered what he hopes to achieve, I mean I know he's written it in the pic but to post 20 threads a day about BBC thinking it'll make white women attracted to him is the funniest and saddest thing i've ever read.
9 Name: Anonymous 2020-07-28 13:00
Why is LARPing so popular
because they want to get those juicy (you)'s

why do people entertain and respond to obvious LARPs
surely you have noticed by now that some people in this world are beyond retardation

LARPing is also popular on reddit
you WOULD know that huh?

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