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So what happened, with those crackas and their tiki torches?

12 Name: Anonymous 2020-07-26 15:22
shot their own
Like josh Holmes, Elliot the supreme gentleman, John Wayne gacey, Jeffery dahmer, btk I mean most of these are recent too. So if your argument is black people are inferior because they murder I suggest you read a book and realize all races have bad things. Also, our political system is filled with pedophiles and sex traffickers. The judge preceding over the Epstein bank case had her family just shot by a pro hit man. All because white people dont want to be exposed. Prince Andrew being the whitest and highest power.

When walking down the street I feel safer seeing a couple of black peoples rather tha. Seeing a group of white men, they are historically more small dick energy and would more likely do something like shoot a jogger

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