1 Name: Anonymous 2020-06-29 20:14
people from BAME backgrounds feel unwelcome in the countryside because it is a 'white environment'.

Which is true we don't want your types around here with BLM riots, violent street crimes and rape gangs.

Please still in your urban ghettos and BBC needs to stop pushing Blacks into white areas, stop this agenda of pushing people of colour into white areas full stop.

We don't want the high crime rates that come from Blacks and other colours.... And it's time to cut the BBC for good.
2 Name: Anonymous 2020-06-29 21:32
The left are using the BBC which creates division where none exists.
3 Name: Anonymous 2020-07-07 09:59
The BBC is nothing short of a National embarrassment
4 Name: Anonymous 2020-07-11 09:47
An archaic institution. Not fit for purpose in the 21st century.
5 Name: Anonymous 2020-07-11 20:52
Finally I don't have to pay for the licence fee or get assholes knocking on my door asking to see my tv licence.
6 Name: Anonymous 2020-07-11 23:05
There used to be a man who worked at my local Costco who only had one arm. He was the guy who would check your cart as you left and sign off your receipt. I used to think he was pretty cool when I was a kid.

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