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The legacy of George Floyd.

53 Name: Anonymous 2020-06-14 19:17
>>1 Daddy spent child-support money on drugs/alcohol, drove drunk & got arrested.

Officer take-a-knee-registered-democrat training told him Floyd needed to be immobilized to increase his odds of getting to hospital before crashing from 'exited delirium' and dying.
There was no malice or systemic racism involved, just guilt-riddled Liberals projecting their own biases and Inadequacies(racism) onto an 8min cellphone video.
58 Name: Anonymous 2020-06-17 21:16
Blacks have all the freedom there is. And the problem isnt racism either.

The problem is that black behavior teaches people to react in a certain way towards black people.

For example - we all know that black people are overrepresented in violent crime. What that means is that racial profiling is reasonable. As a white person you should be ready for violence whenever you're dealing with blacks.
We know blacks tend to sell drugs. So, its reasonable to that the police needs to stop and search whenever blacks are out driving, for example.
We know blacks tend to carry guns and/or knives and resist arrest. That means that when the police has to arrest them, they need to be ready to use violence to keep themselves safe.

All of this is reasonable and unavoidable. There is no other possible way to react.

Calling this racism is not only wrong, its a trap.
What you get when you fight racism is lip service at best because you arent adressing the real cause of the perceived problem.

The only way this is going to change is if the black community takes responsibility for their own actions. Just stop. No more crimes. No more guns. No more drugs. Teach whites and the police that they are completely safe when they interact with a black person. Since police violence has been an issue, make doubly sure that the police always feel safe when they need to arrest a black man. Never chimp out. Always obey orders calmly. Make sure your friends and family do the same.

If you feel discriminated against in the workplace its because blacks tend to be poor employees. They steal more, take more sickdays and work less than white employees. So of course employers will prefer to hire whites.

The solution isnt to cry racism, it is to get educated and work hard. Start sending the message that hiring a black person is a good idea and not just a politically correct necessity to "promote diversity".

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