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Please Explain What The Fuck This Website Is?

6 Name: Anonymous 2019-03-17 13:37
mostly boring and shill posts.
Sometimes a guy strangles his girlfriend and posts links to it. Or hazes Hillary. Or kills 50 muslims.
35 Name: Anonymous 2019-03-30 14:00

It's a textboard which you post text or words on like a forum or facebook, but you are anonymous.
50 Name: Anonymous 2019-08-04 16:22
>>1 Dogs are filthy stupid creatures. Canids have always been more savage than felines. Dogs have horrible breath from eating every peace of scrap garbage and vomit, and smell like trash from laying in their own feces and piss. Long story short, dogs are dirty by nature, like pigs and rats. Cats are elegant. Fact not opinion.
56 Name: Anonymous 2019-12-30 04:15
I used to really enjoy smoking weed (smoked like 4-5 times a week) but recently I've been having really bad highs. I've been getting really bad anxiety along with almost psychedelic effects. I get caught up on existential questions or feel like I'm hearing voices or feel dissociated from my surroundings. I've been smoking for about 3 years and this just started happening the past few weeks. Anybody have any ideas whats causing this or any tips. I just want to have a good time smoking with the boys again :(
58 Name: Anonymous 2020-01-01 08:53
How the fuck does anybody drink a fuckload of caffeine and not give a fuck. I love the good sides like it keeps going and not giving a fuck about anything. I hated the shakes and the fact I have to keep drinking a redbull every 3+ hours. Drinking 1000mg of caffeine a day isnt that bad but that people notice the other sides make it not so good. I dont care what else I have to do. This drug is the best legal drug period. Thx. Good luck in 2020.
59 Name: Anonymous 2020-01-01 08:59

Unus Annus

Hey y'all, dont know of yall heard of this but im thinking at the end of the year im going to just fuckin off myself after their last video if im still fuckin miserable or havent offed myself yet.
60 Name: Anonymous 2020-02-08 16:26
Unlike the Holy Bible coronavirus is fake. It's a big setup for democrats to use as a talking point.
61 Name: Anonymous 2020-02-24 12:52
>>1 I did the one thing 4ct told me not to do and I fucking did it.

I got out of a pretty big breakup and to help me cope I look just to hookup. Well I ended up meeting someone who put a shit ton of care into me just to make sure I woke up the next day. I originally came to 4ct a few months back and asked for advice and you guys told me to not mess it up with the new girl and after months of standing within a certain distance for so long she got tired of me and left. She keeps entering my dreams and everyday I keep thinking about how much of a fuck up I am.
I have another person who is trying really hard to help me but I am afraid of getting her mixed up in the complicated mess that is my stupid emotions. I dont know what to do, all of this makes it hard for me to sleep and even harder for me to want to wake up.
Funny that she can also see this entire downward spiral through Instagram and shit
Idk what to do /lounge/, I want to break out of this cycle
67 Name: Anonymous 2020-04-03 01:01

Reddit is a congregation of some of the most autistic people on the planet. It's basically /lounge/. You make a decent point, get downvoted to oblivion, some retard fuck makes a common misbelief, it gets upvoted coz facebook dwellers and Instagram twats see it in their news feed posted by Karens.

Reddit does have a lot more consistency than 4ct because of the upvote/downvote but it's still filled with shit fuck stupid ass repetitive humour. Jokes are stale and copied every single fucking time the cue comes out. Guy asks "what?", next poster writes the previous response in capital letters. 10k upvotes, gold, silver, whatever fucking currency they use. At least /lounge/tards are somewhat original and witty compared to dumb fuck majority of Reddit.

If this site dies it will go down in a blaze of glory. /lounge/ is one of a kind. Reddit is not.

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