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Fuck Autism.

10 Name: Anonymous 2019-02-23 18:41
Seattle? That's just 2,584 miles away, so I could do a quick trip with my private jet... ah, wait. I don't have a jet or a plane.

At least I'm not suicidal. That single fact makes me devoid of any professional help. Because there are ALWAYS people who need help first. That said, I never got help in the last 33 years. But they put a note in my file so nobody gives me a proper job. It's not that they punish me for being depressive but it plays out like that. For all I know I could have done jailtime to get the same social status. But delinquents need a chance to be resozialised - in contrast to depressed people who are just useless.

Fun fact : I work 40 hrs/week as an IT staff member and I get 10 $/hr. I don't get another job because I won't get through a job interview (I fucking hate interview cunts and they don't want depressed fucks because "they can't work").

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