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Brexit Thread.

2 Name: Anonymous 1974-11-29 18:11
“Wreck” is alarmist.

It’ll be different, slightly worse, and retard Britain’s growth somewhat. But the sun will continue to rise, people will continue to be people. Brexit shits will still complain about everything, Remoaners will be constantly pointed to projections for where the UK economy ‘would’ be were it still in the EU.

Calm, the fuck, Down.
3 Name: Anonymous 2019-02-11 12:21
It won’t
5 Name: Anonymous 2019-02-12 05:02
Why is this Brexit thing still an issue? It was literally voted on to do the Brexit years ago, so why the fuck hasn't it happened yet? Did that previous vote mean jack shit and their votes didn't matter? There is no deal, they voted to leave the EU and now they must honor the vote that happened.
6 Name: Anonymous 2019-02-12 18:56
It will basically destroy the country.
11 Name: Anonymous 2019-02-13 11:38
No deal with the EU ? Not a problem , countries are lining up to sign trade agreements, no 50 billion membership fee , huge pressure now building from German industry rail , car to get any deal ...
It’s all ok
It’s the pro EU press and media - and of course a pro EU parliament that has the problem with leaving .
There’s also the EU army , the UK is. Huge part of this fairly secret army that’s been building for over 10 years , some control centres are based in the uk, not popular to ask the people so one of hundreds of deals and arrangements that are at risk..
Let’s leave
12 Name: Anonymous 2019-02-13 14:24
It pretty much depends on the mercy of EU at this point. If EU allows temporary continuations of most important cross-border deals, you might be ok.
If there's literally no deals at all, it's gonna be a disaster. The food imports and exports would stop at the border and need extra certification by trained professional(can't remember the exact trade), which there aren't many in the UK. Most of them used to be from EU, but now they've left too. Even if they did get this certifications done, it takes up to 3 days for certain tests, and the fresh food can't stand for 3 days in a truck.
So the food trade would stop, meaning endless lines of trucks waiting for certifications.
UK can provide about 60% of their food needs, so the food would literally run out.

And this is just for food. All the other exports to EU would be taxed more, meaning less competitive prices, meaning less markets. UK has 50% of their trade with EU. Fifty-fucking-percent.
21 Name: Anonymous 2019-02-14 13:19
Why would it wreck the largest economy in the region? Do you believe that people will suddenly stop trading with them? That powerful companies would suddenly leave?

This is a ploy to try and force another vote and get the result they want this time
39 Name: Anonymous 2019-02-15 06:23
We were better off here in the UK, before we joined the (former) "common market" which then became known as the "EEC" now called the EU.

We will be better off again, the sooner we get out of the EU.
Sure, there will be teething problems while some less adaptable people get to grips without having their ties with the rest of Europe - but even they will eventually realise how much nicer it is dealing mainly with civilized English speaking British gentlemen rather than all these beastly foreigners we've been having to put up with - always sticking their noses in our business, where they don't belong.

Deal or no deal exit - I don't give a monkey's just so long as we GET OUT next month.
41 Name: RedCream 2019-02-15 12:30
I think Britain will be alright.
46 Name: Anonymous 2019-02-15 16:27
you guys have both the US and Japan. two economic powerhouses ready to start trade with you once you leave, and you guys are still scared?
50 Name: Anonymous 2019-02-15 18:41
Question to consider.

Which is best to a potential future investor -

1) a reputation for not being able to broker a fair deal.

2) Having the reputation of brokering a fair deal.
78 Name: Anonymous 2019-02-16 08:34
Things might be a bit rough for a year or two but in the long run it will have been worth it.
81 Name: Anonymous 2019-02-16 09:25
Not inmediatelly.
86 Name: Anonymous 2019-02-16 10:50
the british pound sterling will bottom out.

i'll buy omega en masse, an aston martin, and a land rover 110.

MAYBE a small estate in St. Albans.

Theresa May should have resigned a year ago, and let a man clinch the deal you fucking retards.

voting to destroy your economy and nation

California's economy alone is much larger than the UK's, now you lose Scotland, and Northern Ireland.
101 Name: Anonymous 2019-02-16 15:05
I hope we leave without a deal. I didn't vote for fucking deals. Fuck the EU we will be fine.

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