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4chan is lost.

1 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 07:56
Hiroyuki Nishimura needs to be stopped.

4chan = Not worksafe
4Channel = Worksafe

Hiroyuki is turning all of into a SFW website, Hiroyuki Nishimura is not Japanese because it's impossible for a Japanese to be part Jewish. He is 100% Jewish.
2 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 09:22
Hiroyuki Nishimura is not Japanese because it's impossible for a Japanese to be part Jewish. He is 100% Jewish.
Lost thanks anon.
3 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 10:13
There's literally nothing wrong with being jewish. Prove me wrong.
4 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 10:38

The fuck is this shit?
5 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 11:28
Did you have trouble understanding it? Which part?
6 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 12:35
the "but why" part
7 Name: [email protected] 2018-11-17 13:25
Because it's hard to get money to keep up a website with nothing but porn and nigger memes. The alt-right is killing 4chan. Their views are unacceptable to mainstream America and they don't have enough money among them to sustain their own community.
8 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 13:59
nigger this is far from "100% pure american" website
9 Name: [email protected] 2018-11-17 14:05
LOL what's your point, anon?
10 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 14:10
Why do the 4chan cucks think porn is real life?
When porn is totally fake.

Then base women off porn, porn is a 100% male fantasy industry. Most of the women in porn don't like the job and feel like they are being raped.

Also men are about sex and looks, women are about love and personality. Men project a lot and think that women care about sex or looks, but they don't.
Even my mom agrees with me and she is a woman also, women like men for their personality and love. Not for things like penis or looks, which is only what a homosexual man cares about.

Most there on 4chan don't understand women at all, in reality women don't even masturbate, Yet on 4chan thanks to porn have convinced themselves that women masturbate and think about "OMG BIG COCK", sigh. Suck inexperienced guys on there.
11 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 14:14
This. Especially the part about big cocks. Women really don't give a single fuck about that. I have gotten a bunch of 9/10 GFs just by being assertive, and not being a pussy. It's really not that hard if you just grow a pair of balls.
12 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 14:40
in reality women don't even masturbate

Found the virgin. Every girl i've dated fapped and had the most perverse fantasies. They might have lower sex drives on average, are more selective with their partner, but that doesn't mean they don't like being slapped around, being taken by force and giving rimjobs.
13 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 14:57
This +1
Had dozens of GF's.
They don't masturbate, they don't care about penis size. Even though mine is largish like 7 inches they still say they don't really care about penis size to be honest.

What women really want is a man that loves them, a nice romantic evening of bonding.
14 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 15:14
in reality women don't even masturbate

Guess you've never known any women, huh.
15 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 15:31
Next you're going to tell me historical dramas aren't accurate.
16 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 15:48
Most drama movies are geared towards female viewers, as they deal in emotion and those things. Where as men just think about the physical body and sex.
Women rarely think about that stuff and think instead about the personality and love a person has within them and for them.
17 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 16:04
So what you're saying is, that historical dramas are inaccurate?
Who would've thunk.
18 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 16:21
Women only pretend to like sex to please men, all they want is to be wanted and loved by men. They are not really into the sexual part, but they play along and fake moan (just like in porn). It's sweet that you think it's real honey.
19 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 16:39
Now good Anon, please educate us on the myth of the female orgasm and the dangers of micro-chimerism.
20 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 16:56
Oh right, its just shitty r9k bait.
Gotta be more subtle next time anon.
21 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 17:13
The female orgasm isn't a myth, but most women that moan and pretended to orgasm in porn and sex are just pretending. Sorry
It's possible for a woman to have an orgasm if she uses a lot of time (like 20 minutes) and a lot of stimulation like vibrators etc.

Most women just give up on it and don't do it though as it takes too long and is too tiring. Sorry, porn isn't real life.
22 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 17:30
>>10 is based, I have a big cock and my GF for years moaned and I enjoyed it. But I made her swear on her mother's life if she truly likes sex, and she told me that most women don't feel a whole lot. But that they just know to moan and pretend to like it so the man is happy, women learn to do this in their teens when talking to other girls.
23 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 17:47
But sometimes some things I feel a lot of the guys on 4chan don't want to know.
They would rather just masturbate over their porn and believe the women are actually having orgasms and that women "OMG BIG COCK" and "I'M CUMMMINGG" is real.

They essentially believe in a fantasy media world built by men, to sell to men. lol
24 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 18:04
Sadly the idea the women either hate or are disinterested in sex is depressing as all hell. OH well, can't wait for the eventual sex robots
25 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 18:21
It's also not true.
Maybe you should just learn to actually be good at it.
26 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 18:39
Sadly the idea the women are disinterested in sex is depressing as all hell.

It doesn't matter, we have to accept what is true no matter if we like it or not. To live in a real world, we accept the truth. So we have to accept medicine and forget faith healing, accept evolution and forget the gods our ancestors made up, accept when we get cancer and go get treatment, accept that money is all women really care about etc.
27 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 18:40
It is true bro, been with 5 women and have been with my wife for 9 years. All of them admit that they aren't really into sex, and weren't into it with any other guys. None of them masturbate and I never find any traces of porn on their laptops.
I am sorry, but women are just not into it.
28 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 18:56
Ive also been with 5 women and am one myself.
Women like sex.
Maybe you just suck.
29 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 19:13
That's why I welcome the sex robots. They'll be able to fake it even better than real women and when I get tired of it and upgrade the robot won't take half my shit
30 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 20:22
you degenerates.
31 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 20:36
>>1 is a so-called domain name.
This is being done so as to separate porn from non-porn, as some countries are blacklisting porn domains (India, China, UK, etc)
32 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 20:44
it's only when you use a vpn to search something like youtube, that you realise just how much stuff is blocked in your country. results just don't show in your search, so you never know. the internet is being kiked to death - unless it's under strict control rendering it useless, ignorant, meddlesome cucks are refusing to let people use it. we can't be trusted. same reason they monitor all of our private emails and so on.
33 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 21:07
You don't have permission to access / on this server.
flawless transition
34 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 21:12
You can still use like you do right now.
But you can use 4channel if you want sfw only.
35 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 21:21
what do you mean exactly? I dont like the idea of VPN because it's basically paying to do what you should already be allowed to do on the internet.
36 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 21:32
for example, i like '8 out of 10 cats does countdown', but because i'm in the uk, youtube blocks episodes of it from my search results. if i use a vpn to give the impression i'm in a different country, there are loads of full episodes. it's the same with google results, it's increasingly true everywhere, whereas previously there were no restrictions globally. a government approved internet.
37 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 21:35
Hiro's not getting his shekels so he's making a new domain for the SFW boards to get ad revenue.
38 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 21:41
Oh good to know. So 4channel is run by the same guy as 2channel?
39 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 21:43
Wasn't aware of that. Is it that thing where it says "You're from the EU so we removed a few searches" or is it something that you aren't notified about? I've looked at a few american only websites using a vpn but i didnt know there was more to that.
40 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 21:46
It's illegal to do that in the EU. He must be from China or something
41 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 21:51
cuckfingers and tinycucks ruined 4chan and now it's a normie board for conservative grandpas who love Qanon
42 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 21:55
4chan has been blacklisted by payment providers for a while it seems reading all this. Advertisers wont touch it. Without some way to cover server costs its dead. I know people hate it but I dont want it to go. Theres nowhere else to go... well for imageboards.
43 Name: RedCream 2018-11-17 22:03
1. Spammed with crap like cucking/bbc/trannies/cocks till the hardcore members leave
2. Split site into two, naughty and nice
3. Wait a while
4. Delete naughty site completely, knowing fully well that people won't miss their daily "rate my bbc cuck shit up my stank pussy" threads.
5. Rename nice site into something wholesome.
6. Made good Ad money.
44 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 22:09
You're from the EU so we removed a few searches
no, search results simply don't show up for you, so almost nobody even knows it's happening. change your location via vpn and the corresponding results for that region show up. like half the net is hidden if you don't have a vpn in 2018
45 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 22:14
it has never had money though, nobody clicks those retarded ads. it's suspiciously capable of surviving nevertheless. clearly some manner of digital illuminati genital probe.
46 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 22:19
its basically seperating the WORKSAFE boards onto their own domain so the people that use them wont get blocked when they dont want to go to any NWS board. that way the domain wont get listed as adult/porn and everyone that enjoys the worksafe part of 4chan can browse and post in places that block without being singled out because everyone else uses 4chan for porn
47 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 22:21
4chan isn't banned because it's NSFW. It's banned because it's not work related.
48 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 22:26
It's banned because it's not work related.

do you understand how the internet works? companies block sites from their internet that are adult/porn related because they dont want their offfice cucks sitting there looking at pussy all day.. or in your case... dirty assholes...

for example if you use the frew wifi in most places. is blocked. so even if you want to browse say /co/ currently, you would not be able to on that said wifi. BUT with the new domain that wont be listed as adult content, you would be able to browse /co/ on free wifi and other company internets that do not block it

it has nothing to do with work related you dumb nigger, its based on the sites CONTENT. holy shit I cannot believe you are this fucking retarded.. you fucking newfag nigger
49 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 22:28
advertisers won't touch it
there really is no fucking point to putting adverts on that site because 80% of these neckbeards are blocking third party domains and scripts.
50 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 22:31
So basically they're putting all the safe for work boards on another domain (DIY, Weapons, Outdoors, etc...) so that when you are out and about or in a cucked country, you can still use 4Chan to look at your hobbies. Tons of places have blocked, but not I think it's kind of a dumb idea and will kill site growth, but I understand the logic behind it.
51 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 22:34
Its just a domain name that has been owned by 4chan since the first year or so of its creation. moot registered it years ago when there were hosting/registrar issues. Over the years there has been changes in domains/hosting as the site has struggled to stay up (the last noticeable change in about 2011). Its being done to try and entice new ad companies who predominantly steer clear of NWS content and the shit you find on the imageboards. You wont notice any difference on the adult boards, but the sfw blue boards will be and may end up getting different ads. Its not fucking end of days you blithering idiot.
52 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 22:36
More information please.
53 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 22:39
4channel is a domain that has been owned my the admin (moot originally now hiro) since 2004 or even earlier, i cant remember when moot registered it but there were issues in the very early days with domain registrars and other things. Its been used in the past when there were DNS problems. Hosting on 4chan has been split several times with boards on different domains, it last changed visibly in 2011 I think. Its still fucking 4chan you noobs, its still all under the same banner. Some of the boards are hosted differently as I type because of speed and traffic issues. Nothing will noticable change other than ads might be different and the domains on the sfw boards will have 4channel instead of 4chan.
54 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 22:41
TL;DR, could someone sum this up?
55 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 22:48
Moot is dead, Hiro is some Japanese dude who bought the site off Moot two or three years ago. All of the SFW content is being moved to "," and all the NSFW is staying at "" Advertisers have blacklisted "," for all the crap the site has pulled over the years, but they haven't blacklisted "" Hiro has been trying to turn a profit with this site for years, this is his most recent attempt.

But will end up selling the corpse of 4chan to the pedo in the wheelchair for a few bucks.
56 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 22:52
Advertisers are not fools, they have blacklisted the company that owns 4chan, not the domain...
57 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 23:01
They're trying to kill that place and replace it with a family friendly version just like when they turned encyclopediadramatica into ohinternet.
58 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 23:11
I guess you must be new to chans. Let me help you around! So back in the day moot never was able to profit off of 4chan. It was always a moneyhog that barely made ends meet. This was clear from moots introduction of fundraising early on, 4chan passes, and numerous posts were moot says 4chan is killing itself through its popularity. Chances are the same is happening to gookmoot. Hiro is finding there is no easy way to get his site to profit other than gaining ad revenue, which is how most sites make profit anyways. So we get this, a separation of the trash from the less-trash.
59 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 23:37
Advertisers don't like to advertise to people who call each other kike nigger faggots, it's bad for business. It is not hard to see that blue boards WILL become anon reddit. If you are cool with that then go ahead, but you know there are already sites for this.
60 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-18 00:33
Do any of you dumbasses browse 4chan without an adblocker enabled?
61 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-18 20:00

I also have sex without a condom. Viruses aren't really all that bad.
62 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-19 12:21
I've noticed that on /4ct/ I never needed to block any trackers or adverts why is this?
63 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-19 14:51
Because 4CT is truly anonymous and not run by some Jew trying to make some quick cash before the site burns out.
64 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-20 12:29
We need to let them know about the textboards here, that would piss off japjewmoot.
65 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-20 23:41
What are you some kind of bigot?
66 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-23 00:40
Funny, it's almost as if gook moot wants to make more money from 4chan.
67 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-23 20:27
Moot fucked us over because he go cucked and we found out nothing to do with money and all to do with pussy.
68 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-23 22:26

what is this 4chan 4channel bullshit
69 Name: JapJewMoot 2018-11-24 04:00
Allow me to explain: niggers.
70 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-24 06:31
71 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-24 10:09
making it awkward as fuck to navigate between boards.
72 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-24 11:49
moot sold the website to an actual scumbag criminal who data mines and tracks the browsing history/post history of users so he can sell it to advertisers.
This is the latest ploy of that fucking faggot to make more money by splitting the entire website in two so he can make more ad revenue despite moot saying the website was 100% sustainable with the current advertisers/pass users it already had.
Hiroshima is a criminal
73 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-24 12:10
you can't say nigga nigger outside of /b/ or /pol/ now, fuck that place with a shit stick.
74 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-24 12:27
75 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-24 13:01
I wonder what it might cause
4 channel + 4chan =
76 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-24 13:34
77 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-24 14:08
i'm too retarded to type a url
78 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-24 14:44
read the rules :^)
79 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-24 15:22
any way to get 4chan X to work on 4channel?
80 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-24 19:23
4CHAN is really just a site for normies that think they're not normies.
81 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-25 05:14
4chan or 4channel makes no difference the advertising won't be coming.
82 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-25 10:35
what is the bullshit? why are nsfw and sfw seperated now?
83 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-25 16:09
dont know dont care
84 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-25 18:56
advertisers don't want their ads above school shooter greentexts so nagasaki hiroshima made split the site so he can profit from 4channel being less autistic and thus getting ad providers.
85 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-25 21:43
all ads i see are porn though
86 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-26 01:25
Honestly, I don't see the problem with this, as long as the SFW boards bring enough money to maintain the servers. Nothing much has changed, all the boards are still there. You'll just have to switch the domains once in a while.
87 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-26 06:59
Maybe because people fear that Japmoot will remove 4chan's boards once 4channel became popular and anything posted will be censored.
88 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-26 12:32
The servers don't cost as much as you think and whatever new moot say it costs is not the real cost.
89 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-26 19:23
What's the difference between a Venus fly trap and chink moot?

One of them is a carnivores plant, the other is a cunt.

90 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-27 10:24
4chan is dead, the day moot killed the textboards it was over.
91 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-28 07:35
Wants to be 4chan installs trackers and porn adverts, no-longer Anonymous, moves site to SFW, now wants google ads, kek this japjewmoot.
92 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-28 11:07
So how long before 4chan becomes reddit?
93 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-28 12:21
You mean it's not now?
94 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-28 19:44
Asking me to promulgate shocking and offensive content just so that normies can cringe? Okay, I'mma join
95 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-29 07:42
That's up to you and only you.
96 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-29 10:15
Japmoot is a fucking cunt.
97 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-29 12:15
4chan is now part of the jewogle and Soros plan.
98 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-29 15:11
Is that the same plan to replace whites with darkies in the west, by removing boards they replace the poster with tweens and norms of the low IQ race.
99 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-29 16:15
Is 8chan still a thing, or did it died when pedowheels moved to Asia?
100 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-29 16:40
You now have a crossbow and one arrow. Nobody will ever know that you shot it. Who, what, where, how, when, why?
101 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-29 16:49
I'm sick of 4chan ignorance and just 4chan in general. I hope they all DIAF.
102 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-29 17:07
103 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-29 17:24
Well fuck you, you stupid nigger
104 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-29 17:41
So you're saying you're stupid nigger... How lame
105 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-29 18:33
same. I hate that fucking place.
106 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-29 20:12
Christopher Poole = Jew

Hiroyuki Nishimura = Jew

reCAPTCHA = Jewish tracking

4chan = Mass migration (Interracial spam bots, russian spambots, antifa spambots)

4channel = George Soros funded platform (Censorship)
107 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-30 05:24
They changed it. What is the code right now?
108 Name: [email protected] 2018-11-30 08:28




109 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-30 11:32
Come on, atleast one of you must know the Despair Code. The Old Ones still lurk in this shithole and I know it.
110 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-30 20:42
sorry, we just had to
111 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-30 22:42
Ooga booga booga
112 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-01 00:10
All work safe boards are now on the domain. Make sure to update your script blockers and whitelist the new domain.

There's now a setting option under Navigation to display the full list of boards on

Why is no-one talking about this? The red boards have been dumped in a containment area, inaccessible from the rest of 4chan. What next, squeeze our bandwidth? Hit us with more ads? Quietly let us die? Is this the end for 4chan? What the fuck are we going to do about it? 4chan are now second class citizens, anons.
113 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-01 03:12
What the fuck with 4channel!?

I can't be the only who can't post with images in the sfw boards.
114 Name: SuperFratBoyExtreme 2018-12-01 04:35
If you like 4channel so much you should go there and stay there.
115 Name: [email protected] 2018-12-01 05:42
116 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-01 07:06
Well if it isn't the anti-4ct fan club.
117 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-01 08:14
Ah, and the schism has begun - the simplistic thinking of the dimmer retards are now in effect.
It's A vs B and angry, shrill posts about <go to the other place, whatever it is> from perma-angry children will, as per usual, rule these boards.
118 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-01 09:37
It's just Hiro wanting you to buy the pass, because money.
119 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-01 11:01

I would send an info image but I don't have it right now. Search don't trust Hiro in Google images, tldr he wants you to buy passes and sell info.
120 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-01 12:25
Yes, this board is for people who make content for textboard. You went to another fucking website and got kicked out and you came here to tell us... Why? Looks like you're just having a hard time fitting in.
121 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-01 13:33
This is /lounge/ where the topics are in fact "random".
Anything goes (within reason, of which there is very little).
So yes, we can whinge about youtube, facebook, twitter, reddit, 4chan, 4channel and many other sites, and we do, thread after thread after thread.
So I'll suggest you lurk more.
122 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-01 14:40
Anything goes
Technically right. What becomes successful though, anon? Hmm? And what is left to die like this failthread?
123 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-01 16:03
Yet here you are.
124 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-01 17:27
125 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-01 18:52
someone doesn't appreciate the power of sage
126 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-01 20:01
4chan is no longer anonymous if you dont use a VPN, retardos. there is no difference between 4chan and plebbit anymore.
127 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-01 22:18
That place is nothing but lonely spergs posting social media pics of girls that won't talk to them.

It's dead and it's not coming back.
128 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-02 01:05
Fuck. Used to have some moments there. Will never forget that. But if every oldfag and somehow worthy foe helps. Then it certainly helps alittlebit.
129 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-02 03:52
/pol/ used to be entertaining. Now it's not. Shitty vulgar porn. Used to be top. Super good.
130 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-02 06:39
All you faggots ever do is complain about how things"used to be better" and never do anything to fix it. You know how many threads shit threads I derailed lately? Did you ever try to post an OC thread on 4chan. It's like you fags don't realize that this whiny ass thread is taking up space on an textboard where a good thread could be.
131 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-02 09:27
It's like you fags don't realize that this whiny ass thread is taking up space on an textboard where a good thread could be.

Unlike 4chan, our threads don't 404, so it's taking up no place on the index.
132 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-02 11:41
Not to mention secrets, new headlight stories fresh from the source long before the news. All sorts of interesting information. Informative. Topics worth discussing etc. People that actually provided real research and had great knowledge. Those times are now over. Shame.
133 Name: [email protected] 2018-12-02 13:55
134 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-02 15:03
Even now, I'm shitting in 4 different website threads to muddy the "debate". Years of weaponized trolling have turned 4chan into an autistic screaming match over whether Demicucks are better than Republiturds. I'm trying my hardest to single out the trolls, and the only people that have been around there long enough to tell the difference are too busy whining about how good it used to be.

It's always been autistic screaming, but the most political it got was /pol/ vs /v/.
135 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-02 16:27
Well, you got any GOOD threads to post?
136 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-02 17:02
I posted an OC thread yesterday with a bunch of templates. Got maybe 30 image replies. And last night, I dumped wallpapers in for some dumb OP that tried to start a thread with 1 image, 4chan is dead to me now.
137 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-02 17:53
I'm pretty sure most have been locked up. Like the shit on 4chan isn't a main focus for police agencies.
138 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-02 18:06
Okay guys conspiracy time, so I was thinking about the pre election days here and on 4chan. Nothing destroyed the right more than the absolute spamming of stormfags. Which is making me start to think that the stormfags were actually either feds or leftists intentionally driving away moderates to derail the growing discussion of right leaning ideals.what do you think?
139 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-02 18:39
Even if the right has been infiltrated by nefarious neoliberall disinfo, who's fault is it for believing verifiably false propaganda? How about instead of playing victim, you make an effort to inform your chanboarders about the pitfalls of their rabid jingoism.
140 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-03 07:56
The right is full of far-left clowns just look the way brixit has been handled by the Tories.
141 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-03 12:57
I've always wondered, is Moot circumcised?
142 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-03 16:00
yes. he's a jew.
143 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-03 19:21
If he's American, then yes.
144 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-03 21:02
Not all Americans are circumcised.

145 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-03 21:17
4chan gone

Tumblr gone

Where am I going to get amateur transgirl porn now?
146 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-15 13:28
Let's start a rumor on /newpol/ that is Hiroyuki Nishimura all the boards over to 4channel and any boards left on 4chan will be closed down after the new year, then 4channel will be 100% sfw and lefty's only.
147 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-15 16:46
What ideas do you have?
148 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-05 09:09
What is the Edgyist thing you have seen on 4Chan?
149 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-05 10:16
Guy bragging about killing his neighbors kid and posting pics of bloody self.
150 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-05 11:06
Holy shit, did people find out who he was?
151 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-05 11:57
You don't want to hear it, trust me. I've seen things on there that no human being is supposed to see. I know for a fact that there is no god. Even if there was, he would bitch out in the first rekt thread like a CVCC wh*teboi when confronted by a potent black BVLL
152 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-05 13:20
Actually yes, he was caught by the police and made it into the news and everything.
153 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-05 14:11
Myself talking down on niggers, Jews and whores.
154 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-05 14:44
He also killed his friend.
155 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-05 15:18
Since when is 4chan a dark web? Anyway, that’s good that he was caught.
156 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-05 16:08
I remember a thread where an Anon posted about strangling his wife/girlfriend to death and posted a few pictures. Everyone was skeptical until proof came out on the news shortly thereafter and a few screenshots were saved from the thread. I don’t have them unfortunately but I’m sure someone here knows/does.
157 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-05 16:59
That banana was pretty fucking edgy
158 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-05 17:32
159 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-05 18:07
Like I’m somewhat new on chanboards. I’ve heard of the things people can do on 4chan by identifying where people are just but taking pictures of the sky. Has there actually been murderers and abusers caught by 4chan people?
160 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-05 18:24
David Kalac

I was also in there when that thread was happening.
161 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-05 18:41
Watching 9 year olds argue about the most edgiest thing they've ever seen.

A lot of them have autism, so it gets even better.
162 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-05 18:59
I was part of a thread that tracked down the girl who was throwing puppies in the river.
163 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-05 19:17
Tbh I’m just wondering how far it crosses the line on there. when i first started using 4chan I was looking for some shock factors. The most I see on there is tits. It’s like a pornhub forum on there. Like it’s great and all that people can talk to women online. I can probably get a couple of my friends on there because they have been looking for a community to post on. I’m just keeping my eye out and am asking if you have seen anything worth noting.
164 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-05 19:50
How old was she? And was she doing it for kicks? Or was it just mental on its own
165 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-05 20:07
some anonymous fag saying "we will hack 4chan"
166 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-05 20:42
I member
167 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-06 07:10
4channel sucks sjw dick.
168 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-08 17:36
Why does it keep forcing me to type this in?
169 Name: SuperFratBoyExtreme 2018-12-09 01:57
Trying this hard to be funny and relevant on le sekrit meme site

Have u ever asked yourself why you don’t have any friends?
170 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-09 10:01
Why is the 4chan site is slow as a slug? It remind me the old 2400bps dial up internet. Is it possible to speed up the download og pics and vids in anyway? Oh, the multiple capchas are also fucking annoying.
171 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-09 15:35
Multiple what?
172 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-09 18:23
The entire internet is is being choked.
It's to do with the service providers wanting more money.
173 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-10 06:35
Using a cnd services to save money but cost more.
174 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-10 18:18
Not wanting you to upload webm's is why. Too much cost.
175 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-10 20:31
It's funny how 4chan, a website loaded to the brim with brave defenders of the white race from jewish communist liberal lgbt oppression is also full of interracial porn threads, cuck threads, trap threads, threads after thread where men have cybersex with eachother. Attack libs, avoid soy, cry about da joos, it won't cure the degeneracy within you.
176 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-13 06:34
Is 4channel dead yet?
177 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-15 14:55
Which is worse boys the /cuckfinger/ defence league or the 4channel servers.
178 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-15 20:16
A man walks into a bar. He's an alcohol and it's destroying his family.
179 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-28 16:40
4Chan?... More like BORE Chan amirite
180 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-29 12:11
Tfw moots new life in witness protection after supplying the FBI with thousands of images of cheese pizza and IP adreseses didn't end do well.
181 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-29 22:42
What do you believe makes 4chan better than Reddit?
182 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-30 04:16
lmao, this dude thinks 4chan offers anything of value to the world.
183 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-30 09:49
Anonimity and comparatively less censorship
184 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-30 15:28
Google Analytics
Google Trackers
Google reCAPTCHA
Jugg Cash / Adult Advertising Tracker

No 4chan has no anonimity and the only has less censorship because it makes no money for japmoot to hire mods, plus all the it's data is sold to 3rd parties.
185 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-30 23:49
I just like people giving honest opinions on things and being very blunt. On reddit it's just people telling others what they like for upvotes.
186 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-31 02:36
4chan is not full of whores who exploit a ranking system which has no meaning whatsoever in the first place, the fact that it isn't based on that is enough to make it better, anyone can share their opinion no matter how brutally honest or retarded it can be.
187 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-31 05:23
I just want facts and opinions without the bullshit attention-whoring of social media.
188 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-31 08:10
Beauty of 4chan is that nobody has status. Everyone is anon. No leaders, rules very sparse.

On the other hand, reddit is focused, but there are more rules and also fedora neckbeards.
189 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-31 10:57
Reddit rewards awful behaviour.
For example, you can't get any kind of science/engineering question answered on Reddit because people will give bad answers and get upvoted by everyone while anyone pointing out that those answers are wrong will be downvoted by everyone.

If I want to get an engineering question answered, my best chance is in some kind of furry thread.
190 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-31 13:44
I started browsing reddit for greentext stories cause I'm too lazy to sit on there all day.

I like coming back to 4chan and saying whatever the fuck I want without a million people troting up on their high horses. Plus the whoring and false sense of importance in the communities of well known people is lame as fuck.
191 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-31 16:31
4chan is the remnants of the wild wild west.
Leddit is a sterile, cancer ridden sjw cesspool full of literal children, white knights, and normies.
Pretty easy distinction.
192 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-31 19:18
4chan doesn’t have a voting system were you can easily tell that everyone agrees with a poster. Sure, you can tell if engagement is high, but unless the poster gets a bunch of “agree” replies or similar, it’s hard to tell what everyone thinks.

The result is a place where any topic is up for discussion and in group tribalism is minimized.
193 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-01 00:53
There's a difference, besides the voting system?! chan's have sage.
194 Name: [email protected] 2019-01-01 01:01
Why am I pretending to make serious debates on 4chan anyway? The entire site is a pile of garbage which solely purpose is to serve as a place where white losers come to release their stress product of living in a society where they can't be the rulers anymore... And to jerk off at almost illegal porn :v
195 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-01 01:49
What is wrong with the porn on the ads the 4chan site? Everyone moves so quick that it looks like cocks are jackhammers.
196 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-06 00:39
i was thinking of actually buying a pass because posting from VPN is blocked and it's a pain in the ass. then i saw that hiroshimoot only takes crypto? hahahahahahahaha
197 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-06 15:49
I take back everything I said. As every single post is people pretending to be retarded, I don't think 4chan or 4channel are worth saving anymore. It's not because of Hiroyuki, it's not because of the recent board split, it's the absolutely terrible post quality that only gets worse over the years. Who could have thought that only thing worth having is the porn boards. That, or it's me getting old and tired of the Internet.
198 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-07 19:47
What do you suppose it behind the widespread push to emasculate western men?

4chan is loaded with tranny porn and gay porn. It's basically a psyop, and it couldn't be anymore obvious.
199 Name: Anonymous 2019-04-06 18:16
What the fuck is this?
Where has everyone gone since 4chan content has because a complete dumpster fire of a website?
Trap Thread
Cuck Thread
Tribute Thread
What Would You Do Thread
YLYL Thread
Trap Thread
Trap Thread
Trap Thread
200 Name: Anonymous 2019-04-07 17:29
4chan would be good if not so many normies
"normies ruin everything" (c)
201 Name: Anonymous 2019-04-09 21:11
what the fuck is wrong with mexicans seriously?
202 Name: Anonymous 2019-04-19 19:31
OMG!!!!!! its REALLLL?????/

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