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It's over, Trumptards.

62 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-01 16:58
Good luck with that considering they won't take the Senate back. It will just prove republicans right that they have no agenda other than trying to change the previous election results. It will be a huge boon for Trump in 2020. He is probably praying they do just that.
63 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-01 17:15
He hasn't been charged with breaking any laws, let alone laws serious enough to justify impeachment proceedings. (you don't get impeached for breaking just any law, it takes specific levels of illegality).
You can't be impeached for being an asshole. So just fucking stop with the crying for impeachment because he says shitty things. It just makes you look like you failed 6th grade government class.

Also, if he is impeached, that only means he is brought up on the charges and the court proceedings start. It does NOT mean that he will be removed from office before. Its nearly impossible to remove a sitting president, impeachment proceedings nearly always fail.

AND if he is removed, Bernie or Hillary do not magically become president.
You get Mike Pence as president. He is a crazy bible thumper. If you think Trump is bad for minorities, women and the LGBT community, boy are you in for a surprise when Pence takes over.

I kinda hope it happens, just to see you fucking morons faces when you are blindsided by how much worse Pence will be for you.

And if Pence is removed with Trump (there is more chance you will win the lottery while being hit by lightning, this has never happened, there is no legal precedent for it) you get the next in line GOP bible thumping idiot. Except now you have someone 2 levels below being remotely qualified for the job.
If they are removed, and the next is removed and the next and the next, eventually you will end up with Jeff Sessions as president.

Now, please explain to me where Trump being impeached is something that will work out well for you?

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