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It's over, Trumptards.

341 Name: RedCream 2018-11-07 18:08
He still is supported. Considering the past, this election was well within any normal range of expectations. In most cases the incumbent president loses both the house and senate, and Trump mainly focused on campaigning for the senate because he realized that controlling that is far more important than getting greedy and trying to win it all. Then what happened was that the GOP lost the house well within expectations but dominated the Senate. The results were completely far from what democrats wanted, and was basically just a blue trickle, but that's still a success for Trump given past elections.

If anything this result is better for Trump because the results indicate that this country is divided but would like to work together and both sides won a respectable share. This means if Trump wants to spread the message of unity and working with the House, but all the House does is fully try to make Trump a failure and hinders him every chance they can, then Trump is an excellent counter puncher at blaming other people, and Democrats will destroy themselves. Just look at Senators who voted against Kavanaugh. They got fucking destroyed. Those people exposed themselves as hindering Trump and that was the result. So yeah America wants the house to keep Trump in control, but they also want a united government working together for the sake of everyone.

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