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It's over, Trumptards.

294 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-05 08:05
Because they're hypocrites and scumbags. John Valby has a song about them...
John Valby - Hillary and Barack
296 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-05 13:39
Sure seems to me like the republicans love the child diddlers and perverts. Roy Moore almost won too
302 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-05 23:09

- Tony Podesta's favorite artists are outright pedophiles and their paintings will make your stomach sink: naked girls and boys in sadomasochistic situations

- There are a couple of small pizza shops in Washington D.C. where John Podesta hosts fundraisers

- The shop owners are insane: they are literally satanic worshipers and they have statues glorifying serial killers

- Their instagrams are full of references to pedophilia, satanism and sadomasochism. There are lots of innuendo and pictures of young kids in strange situations. Their circle of friends is even worse and more obvious

- One of the shop owners had on his Instagram a picture with a young boy and the hashtag #chickenlovers. That's code-word for a man and a young boy. He also had a picture of a young girl tied to the floor with duct tape. His circle of friends sure loved that picture

- One of the shops has satanic symbolism on their logo

- Another shop had pedophile symbolism on their logo -- until they changed it because they were found out by Reddit

- One of the pizza websites had a weird hidden section locked with password with 7GB of strange files uploaded

- John Podesta shared seemingly innocent images that had files locked with password hidden inside them through stenography

- There's a video of a transvestite animating a party inside the pizza shop and making jokes about pizza that make absolutely no sense unless you know the true meaning of the word. It's so blatant at one point the transvestite says "everyone has their preferences" when someone in the crowd says something about people who "prefer children"

- There's a connection to human trafficking organizations that had scandals for not doing their job, as if those organizations were some sort of cover-up and were doing the trafficking themselves

- The ban of /r/pizzagate was followed by several outlets all publishing the same story at the same time: "Pizzagate is nothing, there's no evidence, trust us, as if coordinated

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