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It's over, Trumptards.

201 Name: SuperFratBoyExtreme 2018-11-03 07:41
Hurr Durr, I've discovered a new means of not thinking while appearing as though I am
202 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-03 07:52
Holding no beliefs is not what it means to be a centrist.
203 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-03 08:01
Recently graduated from college.
College friend is a nigger.
Is constantly late on rent, lives in the ghetto with 3 other niggers.
House has roaches because they never clean.
Constantly bitching about not having enough money, how he "needs" to steal food from Walmart because he and his nigress are starving.
Bought $60 worth of weed when payday is over 5 days away.

What the fuck is it about blacks that they have seemingly no ability to manage money? Is this genetic or what?
204 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-03 08:31
what do you guys have about black people?
205 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-03 08:48
Yeah, I have about niggers.
206 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-03 09:05
Same as I have about all other people, do something productive with your life and don't fuck around.

Black people fail to do this at higher rates than white people, which I guess makes me racist
207 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-03 09:22
what do you guys have about black people?
I guess I have this one
208 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-03 09:39
209 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-03 09:40
the "normal" black people are crazy, the rest of them are niggers. the ones that are sane are the ones i like
210 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-03 09:56
black people are not normal you nigger loving piece of shit
211 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-03 10:14
Best case scenario they are loud annoying pieces of shit.
212 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-03 10:35
Why can't whites just accept that we Africans thousands of years ago built your people and culture?
You simple are us, but you gained new mutations over time.

We built your whole little world, we are like your parents.
God bless you, and peace!
213 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-03 10:53
just a reminder,this is the guy who suggested taking the guns away before due process

oh and hes suppose to be a republican.who are the pro 2nd ammendment people
214 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-03 11:10
but im sure like every other fact that makes trump look bad,republicans will consider it fake news
215 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-03 11:27
He was a Democrat as of 2012 and ran on the Clinton 92 platform you fuckwit. That said, better than the socialist option
216 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-03 11:44
but what about hillary's emails?
checkmate libtards
217 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-03 12:01
I guess you make your own roads eh?
218 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-03 12:18

So what?
I don't agree with Trump 100%.
I don't agree with anyone 100%.
219 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-03 12:35

at least clinton was honest about his/her politicial affilation.unlike libtard donald

cant wait until republicans see the result of your party getting divided(thanks to the orange man)when you lose the house and senate next in a couple days
220 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-03 12:52
so what?

except for the people who fought and died for the rights in your constitution that some fat liberal wants to take away

do you enjoy being a complete retard?
221 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-03 13:09
although,who am i kidding.the military hates donald trump just as much as the rest of educated america does
222 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-03 13:26
Americans aren't buying your bullshit anymore. Get plenty of kleenex for Tuesday. You're gonna need it.
223 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-03 13:43
Still don't care, and I have a safe full of guns. We have way bigger problems and can fight about this later.
224 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-03 13:59
Citation needed. I have a feeling I'll never receive it.
225 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-03 14:16
still dont care

you will when that safe full of guns gets taken away.idiots like yourself are why america is a hopeless people arent smart enough to get the right to vote
226 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-03 14:33
citation needed

why do you think the us military is gonna support a draft dodger? man,trump supporters are even dumber then i thought.america is hopeless when these people are the majority
227 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-03 14:51
especially a draft dodger who think's he deserves a military parade.the only thing donald trump deserves is a kick in the ass back to his liberal new york city community
228 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-03 15:07
Pelosi, Shumer, and Maxine would come try to take my guns waaaayyyyy before Trump would.
229 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-03 15:24
Still waiting for that citation.
230 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-03 15:41
Because they swore an oath to defend the constitution, dummy. You really suck at this, btw.
231 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-03 15:58
oh right,more trumptards with a list of honest democrats.while they still support the guy who's as much of a democrat as they are
232 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-03 16:15
New Yorkers fucking hate Trump, they've had to deal with his retarded bullshit longer than anyone else.
233 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-03 16:32
they swore an oath to defend the constitution

the constitution might as well be worthless to americans.they only bother to care to defend their gun rights,this was made obvious by barack obama when he took the rest of our rights away


your right,your "yuge"president is just the most educated person.hes fat and stupid,just like you and the rest of america
234 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-03 16:49
Now tell the rest of the story, faggot.
He was referring to the mentally unstable, and those prone to commit acts of violence against another. Anyway you want to tell your story in a feeble attempt to bullshit somebody is fine by me, but you at very least should tell the full story not just the parts of it you want to highlight for maximum jimmie rustling
235 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-03 17:06
dont care,he can fuck off back to new york.republicans are tired of retarded bullshit to,you trumptards can feel free to join him since republicans dont want you either
236 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-03 17:23
honest democrats

I don't waste tie on idiots. I will see you back here on Tuesday, laughing as you make excuses and cry like a little bitch. Again.
237 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-03 17:40
says the people who left the demoncrats tell them they can not buy a 32 ounce slurpy
238 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-03 17:57
Just a heads up...
Reddit just called, they said to send their children home as soon as possible.
239 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-03 18:14
mentally unstable

oh right,because democrats havent been saying this for years.and its obviously going to be the mentally unstable who are not going to have the guns,instead of them still getting it while the law abiding citizens get fucked over

america cares more about the us constitution then your libtard presidents whining.didnt you learn anything from barack obama?

jimmie rustling

your probably not even old enough to vote anyway,go join the parkland retards since you think real americans care about a bunch of whiney retarded kids
240 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-03 18:31
New Yorker here.
No, no they don't anon.
241 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-03 18:48
i will see you back here on tuesday

oh,ill be here on tuesday.laughing at the trumptards who dont realize that most republicans hate donald trump as much as the left does

good luck keeping the house and senate with a failure like donald trump.his redneck fanbase isnt going to save him or the republicans in the house and senate.brett kavanaugh and donald trump are enough for educated republicans to pick another party to vote for
242 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-03 19:05
I am not tired of Trump, i find it quite entertaining watching the UN cronies scramble while Trump is undoing everything they have done to fuck us
243 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-03 19:21
i am not tired of trump

well good for you,trump supporters are not republicans.republicans never wanted donald trump,they wanted a real republican.not some dipshit who's lived his life in a democrat city
244 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-03 19:38
Neo Cons aren't Republicans.
245 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-03 19:55
republicans never wanted donald trump
he still won republican nomination
Keep dreaming globalist shill
246 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-03 20:12
.....and you still can not tell the whole story with out trying to make your democrat demigods look like saints.
Try again you 12 year old scared little faggot.
247 Name: SuperFratBoyExtreme 2018-11-03 20:29
We don't care what people from other countries think. You only exist because we allow it.
248 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-03 20:30
Your tears taste delicious, you liberal Hillary worshipping faggot.
249 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-03 20:46
says every fucking idiot
obama never even fucking tries it
republifucks still believe that obama is literally satan and is going to take all your guns

"take their guns and worry about due process later" -piece of shit
trump literally says "i dont give a fuck, we should take your guns and fuck you"
oh wait, it's a republican saying that so we're cool with this now
never a fucking peeep from the right regarding this because it's their god fucking emperor and he can do no wrong.
250 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-03 21:23
so much winning, over and over and over
251 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-03 22:30
He just makes shit up as he goes along and his retard supporters eat it up no matter what he says

252 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-03 23:04
Literally nobody still cares about your argument.
253 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-03 23:54
Yes, I love in a very conservative area, so i'll have to pass out a lot of tissues.
254 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-04 00:28
Obama tried, what did Trump do?
255 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-04 01:51
...and there we are with another faggot who only heard what they wanted to hear, and is now using it to troll in an attempt to sway an election. You would not happen to be Russian, Chinese, or Iranian would you? ........Don`t come back after the republicans win big on Tuesday screaming about trolls influencing the election either, if you are that stupid you should never be allowed to vote again ever.
256 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-04 02:41
He's certainly not American.
257 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-04 03:48
Nap time. You kids have fun.

258 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-04 05:12

Do you really want to see people not accept election results?
Go look at the successes in south america, russia, and the middle east..
259 Name: [email protected] 2018-11-04 06:03
Donald Trump is a sociopath with no real feelings or convictions. That's very common amoungst the big business guys. He just says whatever he thinks will get him more power, he cares about his own status and grandiosity and nothing else.
260 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-04 06:53
of course republicans don't give a fuck about arguing against it. they can just ignore it.

they live in their own reality where facts and truth don't matter.

They just decree anything as 'fake news' if they don't agree with it. Trump has said shit before, actually shit words dribbling out of his mouth, and his supporters have said 'I don't believe Trump has said this' even though there's audio/video of him saying it.

it's their own little fantasy land where they can believe whatever they want.
261 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-04 07:27
no one who interprets the 2nd Amendment to somehow mean we all have the right to be John Rambo, should ever pretend to actually be "pro 2nd amendment". What they are, are gunsexuals, and should be treated as such.
262 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-04 08:00
To tax the larger incomes at a higher percentage than the smaller is to lay a tax on industry and economy; to impose a penalty on people for having worked harder and saved more than their neighbours.
263 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-04 08:34
leaving the government in charge of literally anything
"See, that's already socialism! Checkmate republicans."
264 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-04 09:24
Go fuck yourself with a loaded AK and shoot
265 Name: SuperFratBoyExtreme 2018-11-04 10:15
266 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-04 11:05
Your morbidly obese, tiny penis, draft dodging, cowardly, physically weak, traitor and fake president uses his face as a shelf for a KGB Colonel, who is currently seeking to restore the strength and borders of the USSR. Don't for a fucking second pretend that liberals are somehow the communists, and the Republitards are somehow American patriots. You fucking retards betrayed this country and abandoned it, it's constitution, and its sovereignty, when you voted for a mafia crime boss LARPing, wannabe dictator. Go fuck yourself with the business end of a rake.

You are gunsexuals, and you should be treated as the mentally ill retards you are. You should be dressed, fed, and driven by a legal guardian, because I don't trust you to do anything for yourselves. You should be seen in public only on Monday afternoons in a grocery store, being led around by your 70 year old mothers.
267 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-04 12:12
wasn't Trump already a billionaire when his father died?
268 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-04 13:37
Of course they are. The same people who complained about Obama are happy to eat his bullshit.
269 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-04 15:17
A small funneling of 400 million dollars.
270 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-04 17:14
Just a reminder that this man is your president, he is well loved among average Americans, and not a single tear you shed will make any difference in that regard. If anything your tears sustain us and help assure that Trump secures both a midterm win as well as a win in 2020.
271 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-04 17:31
A small funneling of 400 million dollars.
272 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-04 17:48
You need Dr Flatulence Butt Hurt Creme there anon.

You apparently don't know shit about the constitution. The BoR were set up in a way that the Fed government couldn't write any laws at all restricting those rights. At least not until bleeding heart slave owners got scared shitless of their freed slaves owning guns. Then suddenly it was, "we gotta have sensible gun control".

Scratch the civics lesson you need, you need to study history that's not spoon fed to you by people who have an agenda.

As for your financial remark, you need help man. If your conflating guns with sexual desires, that is a sign of an unhealthy mind
273 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-04 18:05
If you didn't care the first time that story broke, then both you and I know you won't care this time.
274 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-04 18:55
So you don't know when he was allegedly given 400 million dollars?
Why can't you back up your statement, anon?
275 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-04 19:14
Actually like most people, Trump grew up and became more conservative because of it. I have no problem with people who have recognized the error of their ways and became right wing later in life.
276 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-04 19:48
277 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-04 19:53
So one species of humans makes some progress, they split up, whites develope all sorts of technologies and the blacks are the smart ones for still building houses out of feces?

Youre fucking stupid
278 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-04 20:15
I'm glad Washington is finally enacting common sense gun laws, I mean let's be serious does anyone really need an AR15 for hunting or target practice? Or any assault rifle for that matter?
279 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-04 20:36
Why ya'll hate jews so much?
280 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-04 20:53
nah, I hate the Irish. Fucking potato niggers.
281 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-04 20:56
hate the irish
282 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-04 21:00
ah doan hate the jeeuuuwwws. only bastards i hate are those fuckin' HATFIELDS over in the next county.
283 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-04 21:04
That's a question for /newpol/
284 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-04 21:06
it's a simple question. the jews stick together and support each other with an intensity that everyone envies, but not so much that they want to emulate it. the children are taught from a very young age that you have to study, study hard and study hard some more. they have a work ethic like no other, and this makes other people feel like they're lazy. it's envy, basically.
285 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-04 21:08
I could see that.
286 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-04 21:12
287 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-04 21:19
It's no use. Trump supporters have an evangelical belief in him, so pointing out truth or reality won't do much. They will either say 1) FAKE NEWS!, 2) Fuck off you Soros-Clinton-Obama paid protester, or 3) Just fuck off.

The outrage machine that powered their conspiracy-laden anti-Obama beliefs is still in force, this time *for* a president instead of against one.
288 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-04 21:38
Can anyone read this page, looks like Soros is a thing now msm.
289 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-04 21:49
Maybe a google proxy agent would bypass the lockout screen.
290 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-04 22:09
The amount of utter brainwashing and polarization of US politics is insane right now. This is the first time in my lifetime I've ever seen everyone try to make you feel guilty if you don't vote in the fucking mid-terms. Every politician, talk show host, celebrity, etc. It's insane to me how worked up people are over who's going to control the house.

Honestly, let's say Republicans win... what's going to happen to you? How will your life change either way? Someone explain the hysterics of this mid-term election and how an entire nation has been brainwashed to hate each other because of which party they vote as if it matters.
291 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-04 22:26
292 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-05 02:20
Sucking the buttermilk out of Trump's ass
Something something Jews
I'm good
293 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-05 05:18
Why are most perverts,rapists and pedos Democrat voters?How come??
294 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-05 08:05
Because they're hypocrites and scumbags. John Valby has a song about them...
John Valby - Hillary and Barack
295 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-05 10:52
How about some Christmas favorites?

John Valby sings all your Christmas favorites at Pretzels Bar in Altamonte Springs, FL
296 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-05 13:39
Sure seems to me like the republicans love the child diddlers and perverts. Roy Moore almost won too
297 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-05 16:26
Because that's the party of normalizing degeneracy. Hysteria doesn't mean much from inside a gated community.
298 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-05 19:13
like it or not, grab them is the only definition of sodomy there ever was and we never heard a degenerate fool at that level talking like this. nor "FFFF" drunken kavanaugh
299 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-05 22:01
The gun-loving crowd cannot do shit. Even if they wanted to fight back, how are they going to do it? The cannot communicate with each other; as soon as they do that, as soon as they declare they're going to fight back, three letter agencies would start abducting them, and lock them away as terrorists.

So, even if the gun-lovers were in the right, e.g. gov declares gun ban, they wouldn't be able to do anything, and anyone that tried would die, or suffer.

That's why none of them do anything.
300 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-05 22:30
My fellow Americans, that REGARDLESS of who you vote for, the vote count is completely unverifiable due to the votes being counted ELECTRONICALLY. We need to bring back hand-counted paper ballots. Not scantrons, not digital touch-screen voting machines. Hand-counted, paper ballots.

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