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It's over, Trumptards.

15 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-01 03:49
Then maybe you should invent your own method of sharing information near instantly around the world. Go ahead we'll wait.
19 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-01 04:57
Yeah well.... at least we don't use your stupid metric system! Ha. Showed him. Trump 2020 amiritegoys? (This is how stupid Trump supporters actually are)
110 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-02 06:21
This. Suddenly nobody seems to be able to have a decent conversation. Everything is liberals this, trumptards that, as if every problem in life can be boiled down to which one of 2 parties you voted on. It's fucking childish. If you hadn't watched the news for a couple of years you wouldn't even be able to tell which party was currently ruling, because it makes NO DIFFERENCE to your personal life.

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