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Why is reddit so cringe?

139 Name: Anonymous 2019-02-02 20:45
Your bait is weak, just like your game.

Why are you so enamored with the idea that youre on the right side of the dichotomy? Do you realize that while you set these ill conceived traps for others, you are ultimately only hurting yourself? Refusing to acknowledge the obvious does not kill it's value just like saying "no u" in so many words does not conceal your dipshittery.

You can do better than this. You can leave this site right now and do anything of value if you try. But chances are good you wont. Chamces are good your butthurt will inspire only more trolling and slack-jawwed mimeing of the same sorry lines youve grown so used to. Some people are just food, I guess. So don't let me stop you from ending up where all food eventually does. Good luck though.

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