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African Americans the superior race.

212 Name: Anonymous 2019-08-04 15:55
So here's a fun Internet rabbit hole for you guys to explore:
This guy, Jaylin, briefly went to my college for a semester and was the really self-righteous Pharisee type (as well as a lazy coworker). Also abused his girlfriend. Like, shouting her into submission and shit. Believed that women shouldn't be educated, or speak unless spoken to.
It turns out that he has a clickbaity YouTube channel where he uploads videos sharing his very legalistic opinions about Christianity.

FURTHERMORE, this mofo was featured in an episode of "Catfished" in which he "moved across the country to live with a girl he's never met."

There's probably even more to this guy somewhere on the Internet, but you guys might get a kick out of all this stuff already found.

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