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African Americans the superior race.

203 Name: Anonymous 2019-03-30 03:01
Be me
Live in nice cozy town
Have 3 bars that everyone hops back and forth from at night
The local university has terrible sports teams
Decides to invite a bunch of blacks on scholarships
They all stalk the bars at night and they all come in like a stampede at 1 AM when the cover charge drops
Cops have to work overtime and put multiple patrols outside the bars
They don't purchase anything, they just eat free popcorn, harass people and beg everyone for money
Town's crime rate starts going up
Two of the three bars are closed a couple of years later
The university is bankrupt and another university in another city had to buy their debt
They dropped their scholarship program and the town's back to nearly 100% white
The damage had been done though and the town's still a shithole with businesses fleeing

Thanks Obama.

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