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The downfall of pewdiepie.

2 Name: Anonymous 2018-10-04 12:06
pewdiepie channel starts dying
releases videoes of fucking marzia
ratings go back up
Keep me posted.
3 Name: Anonymous 2018-10-04 14:20
How is this different from the rest of the cheesy stuff he does for shits and giggles?
4 Name: Anonymous 2018-10-04 14:53
nobody will surpass his hyperinflated subscribers anyway
9 Name: Anonymous 2018-10-04 20:37
His content will change in a few months like it always does. His current audience will probably leave soon and he will gain new fans.
74 Name: Anonymous 2018-10-28 01:09
literally who?
86 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-10 20:14
hahahaha cry more on the internet about it. lmao boo hoo hoo hahaha waaaaah im sad lounge, waaahhhh
114 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-01 13:41
A millionnaire without talent using kids to make more money with a shitty drama.
138 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-26 20:59
What is down the rabbit hole? Did he kill himself? How did a new video get released? Or is down the rabbot hole some type of youtube channel that featured him recently?

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