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woah damn

105 Name: Anonymous 2017-07-20 15:24
If this is a genuine post and you're not trolling then :

Welcome to 4CT.
It's full of boards, where you can post various things. Here is /lounge/, random threads, for everything non-specific.

What differentiates 4CT from other websites?

People post whatever the fuck they want, they don't really care about their reputation, everybody is anonymous by default.
And its also the spearhead for freedom of speech. There are almost no limits to what you can say, and to the content that you post.

There are a lot of things to say, but basically this the place where the users are king, they decide what they want to talk about, they decide the trends, etc...
106 Name: Anonymous 2017-07-20 17:39
Challenge accepted
107 Name: Anonymous 2017-07-21 01:36
I was here since 1884
108 Name: Anonymous 2017-07-21 20:12
No you have not.
109 Name: Anonymous 2017-07-21 23:34

I was here!
110 Name: Anonymous 2017-07-22 01:21
Ummm, jelly baby?
111 Name: Anonymous 2017-07-22 09:33
Have any of you guys ever been so anxious or stressed out to the point that you just wanna run? Any tips of getting rid of this?
112 Name: Anonymous 2017-07-22 15:07
run, maybe?
113 Name: Anonymous 2017-07-22 20:41
I mean I have this fucking feeling that I just can't stand still for a minute. And the time goes by so slow
114 Name: Anonymous 2017-07-22 23:46
How can I tell if my phone is hacked? Yesterday at work, my phone zoomed out to show all of the apps and then zoomed back in to open FB messages on a new message I hadn't gotten to check. My phone was face up on a table and I wasn't even touching it. A couple of weeks ago, I'm on the phone with my dad and he asks who's with me. I'm by myself. He says he heard somebody behind me saying "excuse me." My mom calls a few days after and asks who said "hi"behind me. My phone now also gets really hot and the battery drains insanely fast.
115 Name: Anonymous 2017-07-22 23:52
Or I'm haunted lol
116 Name: Anonymous 2017-07-23 00:14
Put it in your microwave (don't turn the microwave on) call it with another phone. If it rings your microwave has been hacked.
117 Name: Anonymous 2017-07-23 00:22
Yeah u been hacked. I'd reformat delete accounts start fresh only set up new accounts from a dif device. S
Cancel debit/credit cards and any other banking stuff.
118 Name: Anonymous 2018-06-27 08:56
I'm bored af. Let's convince conspiracy theorists that zombies have been seen rising from their graves. I dunno, fake article. Target Alex Jones fans?
119 Name: Anonymous 2018-06-29 16:30

Would be alot of work
120 Name: Anonymous 2018-07-02 00:04
We should do it for /lounge/. Get Alex Jones to talk about it. If this thread dies let's create another one.
121 Name: Anonymous 2018-07-04 07:38
If this one thread locks should we create it own thread?
122 Name: Anonymous 2018-07-06 15:11
Looking for some news news atm
As a foundation ... (?)
123 Name: Anonymous 2018-07-08 22:45
124 Name: Anonymous 2018-07-11 06:19
this is 5G

umm... cyber zombies( now known as NPCs) have been a thing for like 10+years now. you can't kill that which has no life. you can just ignore their posts.
125 Name: Anonymous 2018-07-13 13:52
Well first of all how are corpses rising from their graves? We need to think about that, like a fungus or a chemical or a drug that influences brains of recently deceased people. I mean that would be believable. Or are we going full-on "magic men did it".
126 Name: Anonymous 2018-07-15 21:26
Also, one of the scenarios would be fucking amazing That the jews have developed a way to raise corpses as slaves, because they don`t have to pay the taxes for deceased people
127 Name: Anonymous 2018-07-18 04:59
Something like recently discovered plagues or Viruses
128 Name: Anonymous 2018-07-20 12:33
Should be something rather new/unknown to the U.S., that came from, I don't know, South America maybe
129 Name: Anonymous 2018-07-22 20:06
Don't say it's happening in the US say Africa or South America
130 Name: Anonymous 2018-07-25 03:40
Yeah looked for Afrika or asia...
Some countries that Isolate themselves
131 Name: Anonymous 2018-07-27 11:14
Ok, that could work. But it shouldn't be an obscure country either (i.e. the people that should fall for this should not have to google, to know that it is infact a real country)
132 Name: Anonymous 2018-07-28 15:02
Would there be any downside to if all the niggers worldwide dropped dead tomorrow?
133 Name: Anonymous 2018-07-29 18:50
White people would continue fuckin the planet up and continue living thinking "theyz the best"
134 Name: Anonymous 2018-07-30 22:37
We would have to back fill the shithole known as africa. And find something to do with all the empty jails and prisons.
135 Name: Anonymous 2018-08-01 02:24
It's not like the presence of blacks is somehow fixing the planet.
They're fucking it up as much as every one else, faggot.
136 Name: Anonymous 2018-08-02 06:11
There are like 2,5 billion white people, the rest are subhuman. Look at their countries and how they fuck up nature to get energy. Without whites and our advancements in technology this world is truly fucked
137 Name: Anonymous 2018-08-03 09:57
there would be a dead nigger holiday which would become annual and a big deal
138 Name: Anonymous 2018-08-04 13:44
America would become too wealthy
139 Name: Anonymous 2018-08-05 17:31
The only one I can think of is that police won't have a way to practice shooting.
140 Name: Anonymous 2018-08-06 21:18
Found the nigger
141 Name: Anonymous 2018-08-08 01:05
change "niggers" to "jews" and you just solved 90% of all the world's problems
142 Name: Anonymous 2018-08-09 04:52
Realistically? Without any minorities to blame your life on whites would divide themselves once again into groups (Irish, Dutch, Russian, etc) and make threads on 4ct about what the world would be like without whichever particular subgroup you dislike the most.
143 Name: [email protected] 2018-08-10 08:39
Racists would lose their favorite scapegoat. They would need to find a new group of people to blame for their personal shortcomings.
144 Name: Anonymous 2018-08-11 12:26
Well we can't use the leftover dung for enriching the soil as it will be contaminated. We'll have to spaceshuttle them into the sun before the jews conduct resurrection black magic on them. Otherwise we'll have to put up with good music. safe streets and reinstatement of family values which I don't find all that bad. Today >>132 is pretty much a cool guy and gave me hope. Good for you, you faggot.
145 Name: Anonymous 2018-08-12 16:13
There would be a major hygienic, epidemiologicl and logistic problem m8. Just imagine, all those disease-riddeen corpses, just rotting there. We would all die of pestilence.
146 Name: Anonymous 2018-08-13 20:00
Would there be any downside to if all the niggers worldwide dropped dead tomorrow?

So you don't like niggers?

It's perfect.

Get them back to Africa, all of them and all the resources YOU'VE STOLEN from them since fifhteenth century.

- Dey stoopid, dey woldnt use dat anyways

So would you like me to break in to your house and take all things you dont need?

- all niggers are like animals

Let's say I agree. It's ok.

Why don't you take an animal from nature and put it inside your home, let's say a black mamba?

147 Name: Anonymous 2018-08-14 23:47
It would be the end of sports. That's for sure. And probably the end of other forms of entertainment enjoyed by white people.
148 Name: Anonymous 2018-08-16 03:34
White people are more than capable of disposing of the bodies. We're white, we solve problems. That kinda be our thing since we got the good genes from neanderthals and separated ourselves from the niggers
149 Name: Anonymous 2018-08-17 07:21
i mean, not overly, sure africa would become a deserted giant island, but then the white people would recolonise it, this time only better. Other than that, a few jobs would be gone, and the NBA would be a couple guilt-ridden white guys
150 Name: Anonymous 2018-08-18 11:08
end of sports
Only Basketball. Soccer will take a hit, but theres enough Spanish people to keep going. Football will come back eventually but not as agressive. Baseball will pretty much be unaffected.
151 Name: Anonymous 2018-10-19 23:10
Nah. Black people are at the head of almost all sports. Even golf had a black star.
152 Name: Anonymous 2018-10-20 21:11
Mommy's special little boy detected.
153 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-01 21:35
Personally I think burgulary should be legal, but not home invasion. It should also be legal to shoot burgulars, and if they are caught with stolen goods they must be returned, though all money made from selling stolen goods should legally belong to the burgular and the only punishment ought to be the return of booty thus acquired. (Nonviolent)Burgulary is a more honest, wholesome profession than any job on wall street, by far.
Police should fuck off, and be limited to serving as emergency personnel, traffic monitoring, and finders of lost dogs, children, ect. The entire criminal justice/incarceration system needs to be destroyed.
154 Name: Anonymous 2021-11-25 09:00
all money made from selling stolen goods should legally belong to the burgular
Theft is wrong, moronis.

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