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951 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-30 02:47
I've been a daily drinker for the last 5 years and recently pretty much quit and have a much healthier relationship with booze than before. I still drink once every couple weeks, which was the plan all along, just took a health complication to figure that out.

I think quitting completely is lame, because occasional drinking is fun and is amazing with food. Also the whole all or nothing mentality probably causes a lot of people to relapse. I don't kick myself for having a drink, because it doesn't mean that I failed.
952 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-30 03:04
No longer poisoned, no longer living in a house filled with broken glass, vomit and blood, no longer waking up in police cells multiple times a week and not even knowing why, no more friends and family hating me, no more inflamed intestine, liver or pancreas, no more brain lesions, no more hangovers, no more dehydration, no more insomnia, no m....
and so on and so on
did you fix anything??
Thick as pigshit, son.
953 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-30 03:22
Didn't quit, but got my use under control. I'll probably end up killing myself eventually, but that's just because of depression.
954 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-30 03:39
Not him, but I did the exact same thing and I don't regret any of it. You're completely back to normal within a couple of hours and you don't do anything stupid on it either. I also don't have crippling anxiety when I come off of it so I don't feel compelled to continue if I have shit I have to do.
955 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-30 03:56
Were you a daily user? Like always drunk? That seems really bad if you were hitting withdrawals for 36 hours
956 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-30 04:13

Completely agree man. I'm the same way. Moderation is key.
957 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-30 04:30
>>955 I had withdrawals for at least 72. I wasn't always drunk, but I was always drinking. I got to the point where I had to have a beer in the morning just to feel remotely normal. I would drink just enough during the day to keep myself going and then lose control late at night. By the time I was drinking in the morning I already hated it and wished I could quit, but the withdrawals were so acute that I couldn't stop on my own power.
958 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-30 04:48
What did u fix?
959 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-30 05:05
That’s some incredibly suspect statistics. Who’s an alcoholic? What is quitting? If I’m over 30 and kinda let my drinking slide because I’m busy, am I a hero who escaped alcoholism? Or a lame old guy who has to go to work in the morning? Also, what’s the deadline for being killed by alcohol? Dead by intoxication in my late teens? Or perhaps being slightly less healthy than other 76 year olds because I drank a lot in college? It’s like second hand smoke. It kills thousands of people a year, but I’ve never known anyone who’s died of it.
960 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-30 05:22
So you're smoking weed to control your anxiety? Why not just figure out why u have anxiety so u can fix it?
961 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-30 05:39
I just presented you with a list of improvements off the top of my head. You are an immensely stupid and irritating person. Shoo.
962 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-30 05:56
Being this stupid

963 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-30 05:57
Y'all niggas need to read some Feeling Good.
964 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-30 06:16
I didn't see anything on that list of things inside yourself that u fixed.
965 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-30 06:34
I literally said "I don't have crippling anxiety" you illiterate fuck.
966 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-30 06:51
Just go away anon, if you see that list and conclude that there's no improvement, I honestly feel sorry for you, it must be hard being this incomprehensibly thick. Incidentally I listed three internal organs which were fixed. All will have benefited, as will my mental state. You are embarrassing yourself.
967 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-30 07:09
How do u know what crippling anxiety is if u don't have it?
968 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-30 07:27
I was so addicted to alcohol that I had constant jaundice, gave myself a Mallory Weiss tear from withdrawal vomiting, and having seizures from withdrawals. I got myself physically dependent on booze. Im finally over a year sober and it feels good. I stay sober now because I really don't want to die anymore like I used to. I used to just not care if I stroked out or something. Feels good mang. If I can quit anyone can.
969 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-30 07:44
Why are u so defensive? I'm just asking what you fixed inside yourself.
Have u ever heard of a dry drunk?
970 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-30 08:01
Because I had it when I was drinking and it was horrible. And when I stopped drinking, all of that went away. I don't smoke weed to cure anything, and I don't do it every day like I used to drink alcohol. It's a recreational, relaxing hobby that enhances my enjoyment of other things. I think of it as a drug in the same sense that caffeine and nicotine are drugs. Sure, it affects your general disposition and your mood, but you don't become a completely different person on it as you do with alcohol.
971 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-30 08:18
what you fixed inside yourself.
I fixed every cell in my body having previously been poisoning it with ethanol, I improved every element of my psychological state, the state of all family and friend relationships, my sleep, my living state, just, everything. You're digging yourself deeper into this silly hole. Asserting to someone who has been an alcoholic for a quarter of a century, that having stopped drinking he has made no improvement, is the kind of nonsense a child would screech because he's desperate to feel included in the conversation. Everyone around me including family, friends and doctors, agree that there's a massive improvement. You are a fool.
972 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-30 08:35
so touchy
973 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-30 08:53
Wow, you're a genius
You should write a book
974 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-30 09:10
annual savings of tens of millions from a decrease in the number of people receiving treatment for alcohol abuse
Tens of millions in savings if alcoholics had the option to smoke weed instead.
975 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-30 09:27
I just hate kids galloping into drug/booze threads and angrily asserting their ignorance to a thread full of people who've lived the reality. I mean to suggest that all of the above improvements are no improvement at all, is just the stuff of playgrounds. Like telling a former heroin addict that switching to coffee is no improvement, it's infuriating how stupid some people are.
976 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-30 09:44
You're operating on the assumption that alcohol and marijuana are equivalents, and substituting one for the other doesn't indicate any substantive change. Even disregarding the massive differences in the impact on one's physical health, alcoholism destroys the chemistry of the brain and the psychological profile of a person more than most drugs. If cannabis use has to be the cure for alcoholism, then let it be so. There is nothing worse than the darkness you live in when you're constantly drunk.
977 Name: SuperFratBoyExtreme 2018-09-30 10:02
Can you guys just chill the fuck out?

It's fine, everything is OK.
978 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-30 10:20
yeah this. i've got 9 months off vodka as of tomorrow. before then for years i'd drink 2+ 70cl bottles of vodka every day, almost always on an empty stomach. I was blacked out for 23 hours daily, so all I'd really remember was waking in withdrawal, then trying to stop throwing up long enough to make it to the shops and back. Like a groundhog day which only lasted an hour, that puke-riddled journey was never-ending. The only times I wouldnt do this were the times I woke in jail, to then spend the next 15+ hours trying to figure out why the hell I was even there. I'd wake with a bottle of vodka next to my bed so I could drink it in the night when withdrawal hit, and get some more sleep. 6 hours is all I had when it ran out, to get more or face delirium tremens. I almost went to prison 3 times in 2016, I made everyone hate me, life was hell. I finally jumped from a bridge in August last year, woke up in hospital, and went through my last withdrawal over the next two weeks in hospital. The fifth time I'd been for withdrawal in since 2016. I could write all day about the shit drinking did to me.
Since then I've smoked an eighth a day of weed, haven't drunk a drop, and every single element of my life has improved immeasurably.
979 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-30 10:37
Good job anon. Epic journey, low bottom.
980 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-30 10:55
I've gone the moderation route. I still drink too much but I don't miss work anymore and can function the next day. The way I did it was to buy a kitchen safe it's a lock box with a timer, I just pour out as much bourbon I want for an evening and lock the rest away out of sight out of mind. It helps I don't live within walking distance of a store as I don't drive drunk or stones. Smoking weed also slows down the drinking.
981 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-30 11:12
So, how much is everyone actually drinking before they go "hold up, i have a problem"
982 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-30 11:29
I knew very quickly that I had a problem. I was drunk daily from the age of 15, by the time I was about 19 I'd panic frequently knowing I was doing so much damage, but like fuck did that stop me. It took me over two decades to get that shit under control, and without other drugs I'd have had no chance.
983 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-30 11:46
I'm the guy who more or less quit a while ago.
I never got as bad as some, but I was drinking a handle of whisky every three days plus tons of beer. Every night. For like 3 or so years. Started feeling like shit a couple years ago, got fat, got a big gut with stretch marks, always had a cough, always got sick. Then felt like I was gonna have a heart attack and decided to stop drinking. I'm still 30 pounds over what I was a few years ago, but I'm losing a bunch of weight.
984 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-30 11:50
Epic journey, low bottom.
thanks dude. it was pretty epic. i mean i used everything, and pushed it all as hard as possible because why the fuck not, i didn't want to live anyway. Booze, mdma, psilocybin, dmt, lsd, meth, crack, heroin, 14 years of benzos, 5 years of tramadol and morphine, all while drunk. the hangover from that lot though is intimidating. without weed i'd have relapsed and been drunk within hours, and fuck knows how low a bottom I'd see, it can always get worse right up until you're dead.
985 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-30 12:08
Depends some people realize they have a problem early on but keep doing it because it's addictive behavior. Other people have to get to their rock bottom before they realize. Some don't even realize they have a problem.
986 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-30 12:26
How'd you get off 14yrs of benzos? Aren't they impossible to quit after that long? Been on Xanax for 5yrs and can't quit.
987 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-30 12:43
By drinking. Booze works on the same receptors as benzos.
988 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-30 13:01
My gf is really fucking possessive of me /lounge/. I’m glad she really takes care of me but recently it’s started getting plain creepy. I am typing this on the toilet on my old iphone 5, because she has (99% sure anyway) put spyware on my Samsung, my laptop and my tablet. She does not let me walk outside unsupervised. When we do go outside together, she doesn’t let me look at any other women. I’ve talked to her and told her that I’d like a little bit of space and although I love her, she needs to trust me to make the right decisions. But she tells me everything she’s doing is completely normal. I’m worried /lounge/. Is this really normal?
989 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-30 13:18
That’s not normal, it’s not even boarderline abuse, it’s just regular abuse. If she’s monitoring you that closely and won’t stop, you need to get out of there because it’s just a matter of time before you accidentally glance at a girl and wake up the next day with your balls chopped off.
990 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-30 13:35
This isn't normal anon, you are in an abusive relationship, that is not normal healthy behavior. She needs to realize that or you need to leave her.
991 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-30 13:52
If you’re a man and you are using the word ‘let’ to describe what you do & don’t do pertaining to your girlfriend or wife, you may want to reevaluate what you are.

Either leave her now or start treating her like the submissive cum dumpster she’s supposed to be.
992 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-30 14:09
that shit isnt normal, no matter how hot she is or how much you love her, if shes putting spyware on your tech and not letting you walk outside a lines been crossed. youre a grown ass fucking man do what you want, make it clear you are independent enough to do as you please, if she doesnt like it lose that sucker.
993 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-30 14:26
how am i supposed to cope with knowing my daddy will never be able to put a baby inside me :(
994 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-30 14:43
You want to fuck your own father? Not hard to do, but you will regret.
995 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-30 13:21
I'm the Equalizer. Some of you are going to hate what I'm here to tell you, but in the end, you'll thank me.

Ever had your car deliberately scratched with a key? Or sugar poured in the gas tank? Or something else done deliberately to it, so as to partially destroy your vehicle in some way? It was probably me. And the reason? Fuck you. You don't need it.

Now some of you assholes are probably sitting there thinking, "why would some jerk de-value my car that I worked very long and hard, for?" See the above reason, dickhead. Oh, and two other reasons. One, I'm levelling the playing-field. Do you NEED something with fancy gadgets and unnecessary comfort, while you drive around being a poncy, pantomime, pillow-biting prick?


Do you NEED something that travels so far and beyond just about every speed limit in the world, unnecessarily endangering the lives of pedestrians young and old, tall and short?


I'M the guy that brings everyone back to their senses. I'M the guy who pours paint-stripper down that little gap where the hood meets the windows, and fucks your engine big-time. I'M the guy who uses pre-planned routes to slip in and out of wealthy areas like a fucking ghost, using soft shoes, gloves and other items of clothing that will never be traced back to me, finding expensive vehicles that patrons park on the side of the road at night instead of in a garage. I'M the guy who gets away with it. Every. TIME.

I'm the guy who makes you think TWICE before purchasing stupid shit you don't NEED.
996 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-30 15:06
You simply created an insurance industry.
We now pay insurance premiums so that when you strike, we get a free rental car, and our car repaired, often getting other dents and dings taken care of at the same time for a small deductible.

I'm sorry who are you again??
997 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-30 15:14
Come on my property and try something like that faggot, you’d be laying dead in the driveway. You may be able to get away with shit like that in the city, but come to the hillbilly backwoods if you want a real challenge
998 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-30 15:23
Cool story bro.

I do need my car. I drive it for a living as in I am paid to drive it. And as I am paid to drive it I have full comprehensive coverage with new car replacement. So if you were to do this to my car not only would I get a brand new car but the loan on the car would be paid off.

Check mate
999 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-30 16:05
You should put that effort into working hard for fancy things. Stop projecting onto people. That's probably why you don't get laid and have so much time to go fuck with people's shit
1000 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-30 16:45
You don't really need your mom.
How about someone dox her and post her info to an inmate list for serial rapists?

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