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I'm gonna get hate for this, but reddit is actually good.

4 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-12 08:13
I completely agree.

I use it occasionally and I never read replies to my comments, I avoid reading the titles above pictures or videos on certain subreddits because they're very unoriginal, "cringey", or unfunny, and I find it better if you avoid posts and subreddits where you know the opinions will be very against your own personal beliefs, as I've found it feels like their so wrong about everything it's infuriating.

Best to use it with the least human interaction as possible unless you can actually stand redditors or the people who share an interest with you.

The meme subreddits are horrible for so many reasons.
I would chalk this up to a few things but one of the main ones is a lot of reddit users are adolescents (nothing against them but certain kinds of that age group are terribly unfunny, approval seekers) with a very underdeveloped sense of humour, as well as most redditors being very immature for their actual age.
The adolescents come off as 9 year olds, the 20-somethings come off as adolescents, the 30 somethings, etc etc.

The moderator team seems to be awful (admins included) and the entire site is a case in what not to do when running a website: it seems to be coded poorly, it's cluttered, infinite scrolling becomes sluggish, the censorship is noticeable and shameless, etc.

I'll go there when I don't have anything better to do and I do my best to ignore it's worst traits and users.

Even subreddits wherein redditors make fun of stereotypical redditors are unfunny and unoriginal, also. It's very ironic.

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