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I'm gonna get hate for this, but reddit is actually good.

1 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-12 01:21
I'm gonna get hate for this, but reddit is actually good as long as you keep away from memes and political/opinion driven subreddits, it should be used for personal interests and looking at pictures, nothing more.

Let me explain: reddit isn't a platform for discussion, literally. it's for circlejerking.
redditards being themselves will downvote and silence anyone who disagree with and 90% of the time the mods are shit and will ban you for wrongthinks. they constantly give upvotes and awards to the loudest and most hardcore users who constantly validates their beliefs, no matter how unreasonable, reddit is the platform where jackassery and asinine behavior isn't just encouraged, it's rewarded and praised. the logical ones will leave those subs because they're insane, and this will only leave the bad ones. subreddit are often extremely leftist that it's insane where every post is "orange man bad". literally just circlejerking, not a place for discussion. goes the same for non-leftist subreddits, literally just all subs about beliefs and opinions

as for meme subreddits, they're fucking normie and trash. afterall, reddit is filled with 14 year-olds.

but for subs about certain interests, redditors are good at bringing the best subjects/pics about these interest. if you have a certain interest, go look for a sub on it in reddit, I guarantee that you will enjoy.

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