Fun little challenge.

1 Name: Anonymous 2021-03-19 14:25
Here's a fun little challenge for everyone, as I'm completely unable to find this game, that I absolutely loved as a kid. I cant remember if it was on dreamcast, or ps1, but probably one of those? Maybe ps2? I remember the game starts with the characters speaking with an Oracle, that can answer 4 questions for them. I also remember a scene in a prison were you help an old man and he gives you a key as thanks, that he expressly implies he's been hiding in his ass. It had pixel graphics, similar to saga frontier, but had real time combat, and a variety of weapons to pick from. And your main character was blonde.
And that's all I can remember. Oracle, rad combat system, weird old prisoner dude with a key up his butt. Let's see if you chucklenuts can pull this one off.

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