Does anyone else think persona 5 helped cure their autism?

1 Name: Anonymous 2021-03-13 20:25
I played persona 5 a d I am pretty much the main character but in real life , so I decided to do things he did to make friends/girlfriends. I started by making a social link chart and writing down my social links. I act dangerous and mysterious like the main character and started wearing a blazer around when I'm outside. I'm pretty far in my social links with the girls in the apartment next door probably 6/7 with both of them . I left them a calling card too to let them know I was going to steal their hearts I know in the game if you date multiple girls is bad but I have until valentine's Day to figure that out. Discord servers are like mementos where I can dive and debate with people until I improve the worldview of that server that's like public perception meter in the game and I keep track of that too . When I get 100% I think they'll give me mod on the server

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