Considering buying a 3ds.

1 Name: Anonymous 2021-03-03 22:37
I'm 20 and considering buying a 3ds.
Should I be concerned about my maturity?
2 Name: Anonymous 2021-03-03 22:40
3 Name: Anonymous 2021-03-03 22:42
No, as long as you modify it.
4 Name: Anonymous 2021-03-04 00:20
fuck no
do whatever makes you happy anon, who gives a shit what people think
5 Name: Anonymous 2021-03-04 00:54

Gonna hack it and add 128gb worth of games
6 Name: Anonymous 2021-03-04 01:39
Thanks fren, I feel more secure about my desicion now
7 Name: Anonymous 2021-03-04 02:16
as long as i can remember you can only do that with the first generation 3ds console.

after that they made it impossible to mod, if it detects you're flashing it the console becomes a brick and will no longer turn on.
8 Name: Anonymous 2021-03-04 09:07
I've modded the New 2DS XL with no problems, I'd just use that route if the 3DS can't be modded
9 Name: Anonymous 2021-03-05 04:43
Why not get a switch? 3ds games are crap anyway.
10 Name: Anonymous 2021-03-05 04:44
as long as you have your other responsibilities sorted out, why the fuck not buy a 3ds. just dont be an edgy faggot when you get it and you're golden.

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