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.mp3 Soundtrack of video game.

1 Name: Anonymous 2021-01-12 01:48
playing old psp game from 2007
i enjoy the soundtrack
want to extract the soundtrack as .mp3 files
find iso extraction software
run the .exe
"lnr222.dll not found"
find lnr222.dll and drag it into the same folder
"noer95.dll not found"
find that fucking file also
this happens like 8 more times
finally open the program
extract the files from the iso
"network path not found, error 32"
search the internet for 2 hours and find out i have to edit the registry
spend another hour doing that
finally extract this game's files
the audio files are in .at3 format
the fuck is that
search for 30 minutes for .at3 players to no avail
finally find a conversion software
i have to run it on a physical psp
get my psp out of deep storage
plug it in after 2 hours of charging
install the conversion software
run the fucking thing
i finally have .mp3 files of the soundtrack
i play one of them
"windows does not recognize this format"

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