Serial experiments Lain style game

1 Name: Anonymous 2020-07-22 20:53
Idk i just want to make a Serial experiments Lain style game in unity and im just want to know how many people are intrested. (my enlish is not that good sry!)

I started to make a 3d Modell of Lain
this game is gonna be "SANDBOX"
if some people intrested this game,i gonna make a prototype!
thank u ily all
2 Name: Anonymous 2020-07-22 20:55
This is awesome op have you ever played the old ps1 games what are your ideas for this project not really quite sure how the game mechanics would work but it sounds like a cool project
3 Name: Anonymous 2020-07-22 20:57
Lain is realest G. I applaud your efforts OP.
4 Name: Anonymous 2020-07-22 20:59
Serial Expirements Lain is my favorite anime of all time. I'd play your game.
5 Name: Anonymous 2020-07-22 21:01
you mean like the ps1 game? that shit was weird, and it cost me a lot of money to get over 10 years ago.
6 Name: Anonymous 2020-07-22 21:04
Do it. Love seeing Lain content.

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