AMD Radeon Issues.

1 Name: Anonymous 2020-02-14 22:19

Polaris was the last amd gpu with decent driver support. Polaris's did had few minor issue like cursor corruption and fan running at 100% in it's early days.

I hate that the only way to provide feedback to AMD is on reddit. Their forums barely has any staffs responding and their issue reporting form doesn't seem to be read by anyone. I've send a number of private youtube captures through the years of bugs in old games with AMD's report form and the video has never been viewed by anyone.

I'll probably lean to a used nvidia card when the rx480 retires. You get what you pay for. Working drivers, ungimped opengl, nvenc being the best integrated hw encoder while amd's vce trails even behind intel quicksync. Cuda support, you'll have to wait years before any project gets an opencl port. And a well optimised rendering pipeline.

Also no one asked for chromium on a driver install with no option to opt out.

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