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She deserved it.

1 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-10 17:00
For those of you who dont know this Australian guy bashed his annoying cunt wife on live stream.

Here's the video:

Basically he wanted to have some time to himself playing a game and his annoying nagging cunt of wife came in and started antagonizing him, throwing things at him and baiting him into violence. When he retaliated, justly so she started pouring on the fake water works and called him a woman basher. She then attacks his manhood causing him to react again. This happens about 3 times and she goes from a noble strong independing womyn in one instance to a crying ltitle bitch victim in another. The psychotic levels of femoids is demonstrated here.

Women are cunts, stay the fuck away from them. Talk shit get hit cunts.

but muh violence against women is wrong
This assumes the women in question are following gender roles. She is apparently a stay at home mother who was trying to fuck with her husband, the breadwinner. She was contravening natural order and therefore is justly vulnerable to physical violence.

but muh violence is never justified
Violence and the threat of violence is the only thing keeping you comfortable, you limp-wristed, low test faggot.

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