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can somebody help me

2 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-24 23:26
Just wanna vent--

Friend of mine doesn't have shit, lives in a mold infested garage (complete w/ racoons in the roofing struts) behind a heroin addict's 20% remaining trailer... I go to bring him memes and watch movies for as long as I can stand the smells.

His brother gives him his XBOX 360 and it has a decent Forza and he builds this 220+ MPH car...

I ask him to slam into the speed bumps and do some flips and try to glitch over the guard rails.

All he does is fucking drive up and down the straight away testing gear ratios next to the bumps, spins in circles, and turns it off.

WTF is this sack of shit, just trying to not have a good time or something?

Is he fucking w/ me and gets a kick out of "being in control" when clearly his life is out of control?

We used to laugh and ramp shit in GTA SA / 4 all the time and chuckle it up bouncing off roof tops... UGH... dumb shit to be upset about, but s'why I wanted to vent instead of make a big deal out of it w/ him, ain't worth that shit.

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