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SATA drive recovery.

38 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-05 06:16
damn, that sucks. idk if you saw

but is it worth even trying that?

I guess as a last ditch effort i can try freezing it or smacking it or maybe even opening it last just to visually see if the head was in fact stuck in place. Thats too bad i had really hoped Id be able to get a few things off of it.

I will renable automount, but if i leave it off, what would it change? I rarely ever use the command prompt so i just am trying to learn by asking that.

the laptop in question i had spilled soda on years back, the keyboard started going out over time, and one day it just refused to turn on or work and i dont think it could get past the BIOS. do you think there could have been a short of some kind that fried the drive? This was years and years ago.

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