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VPN thread.

8 Name: Anonymous 2017-05-16 08:22
I've been there buddy. To hide my internet usage I did:
1. rent some space on a private server paid for with prepaid credit card
2. set a virtual server with PrivateInternetAccess to the Ukraine, which then redirects to Kenya for added protection.
3. set up an account with dameware, this will allowed to remotely connect to the private server.
4. Installed Gentoo on laptop as second boot disk, only use it for connection
5. Install IPVanish on my laptop, paid with a different prepaid credit card (I should mention that all credit cards are paid for in cash)
6. Connected to private server from laptop with VPN running.
7. Used different aliases when bought software, installing software, and bought server.
8. Once connected used tor to browser to gmail, set up new gmail account
9. Used gmail to then create yahoo mail account. Used Yahoo mail to purchase NordVPN. Installed NordVPN on laptop.
10. Disconnected with IPVanish, Reconnected with NordVPN.
11. Browsed shit all day

GF still found out cause I didn't browse in incognito mode

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