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Drugs on the deepweb.

27 Name: Anonymous 2017-08-11 13:17
Any smart person who orders drugs over the internet though uses bitcoin and VPNs. Obviously it's not 100% foolproof because people have been busted, but from what I've gathered it's more on the vendor end than the buyer.

But, back in silk roads prime my buddy used to order MDMA, LSD and various other drugs online probably more than anybody should've been. He never actually got busted but he supposedly started noticing these blacked-out government looking vehicles posted up by his house for a while. I always wrote him off as being paranoid cause the guy was consuming mostly copious amounts of amphetamines. I did see one of the cars he always talked about one day when just going over there to smoke and play some xbox, he lives in a pretty low populated area, the nearest house in any direction is 1.5 miles away so I believed his suspicions after that.

Scared him enough to stop buying shit online and we haven't had any quality MDMA in the area since. Mostly just methy E pills now so it kinda sucks.

Got this pink "molly" tonight, feels more like meth than anything though I think. t
Though I had a few people tell me the color matches up with actual molly crystals, but I haven't done MDMA in years but as far as I know molly is slang for it.

I know what rolling feels like though and this definitely isn't it. Weak/heavily cut shit maybe? I also never had pink crystals, back when my buddy used to get it it was always white/kinda clear crystal like meth or a brownish powder for the low-grade street shit that was around

thoughts? I've done about .5 now, pic was from earlier though I have less now, probably about a line left. And yeah, I know I should have ate it for full effects but I've sniffed crystal/powder and crushed pills before and still rolled.

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