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Pick 7 soul-bound cards[game]

1 Name: Anonymous 2021-01-31 06:11
1.card of health-> perfect health&youth, immunity to disease and infection
2.card of invulnerability-> nothing can penetrate your skin/body,as if it was made of domain walls
3.card of immortality-> you can't die of any cause, aging/disease stops
4.card of invisibility-> you can't be seen, intercepted or recorded
5.card of normalcy-> anything you do is perfectly mundane and draws no attention/critique/suspicion
6.card of telekinesis-> you can levitate and move any object.
7.card of serenity-> you have perfect mental serenity/clarity and no negative emotions or mental disorders/illness
8.card of time -> you can freeze/unfreeze time and alter your rate of time-flow at will
9.card of creativity-> you have unlimited creative ideas for any topic, focusing enhances the idea to expand and give detail
10.card of memory-> perfect memory recall, can suppress or erase any memory
11.card of power-> your body strength is increased to the limit of possibility
12.card of flight -> you can fly anywhere, no oxygen required underwater or in space, anything you carry has no weight
13.card of plenty-> you no longer require food,water, oxygen or sleep
14.card of balance-> you have perfect dexterity(aim and precision) and sense of environment, innate balance and grace to achieve impossible precision feats
15.card of wealth -> you inexplicably become more and more wealthy
16.card of luck-> all chance based events turn in your favor
17.card of prediction-> you can see the outcome of any event
18.card of telepathy-> you can read the thoughts of anyone you focus on
19.card of scrying -> you can see and hear any place you focus on
20.card of wind-> you can control wind anywhere and can be carried by wind,
can cause hurricanes,tornadoes, waterspouts and storms
21.card of water-> you can control flow of liquids, move swiftly underwater and require no oxygen
22.card of fire-> you have powerful pyrokinesis abilities and are invulnerable to fire and temperature effects
23.card of ice-> you can freeze anything and create snow/ice in unlimited quantity, cold has no effect on you
24.card of earth-> you can control ground shape, cause earthquakes and fissures,move underground freely as earth steps aside.
25.card of lightning-> you can cast lightning bolts, charge objects with static and direct lightning strikes, you are immune to electricity
26.card of data -> you can see overlays on any beings for information you want
27.card of protection-> you are protected from any external harm, which always fails to materialize
28.card of healing -> you can heal any being by focusing on it
29.card of repair-> you can magically restore things to their perfect form
30.card of persuasion-> you words(spoken or written) have very high influence
31.card of illusion-> you can project any illusion to anyone
32.card of ether-> your body becomes imperceptible to matter, like a ghost but you can focus on objects to touch/ingest/drink them
33.card of doom-> you presence causes fear/dread/awe, animals will try to escape
34.card of friendship-> you are received as warm and friendly as possible with anyone, no enemies or hostility exist anymore
35.card of love-> you are loved by anyone you have feelings for and can control the love attraction of others
36.card of conjuration-> you can materialize anything you like as long as you focus on it(more complex stuff requires more focus)
37.card of banishment-> you can erase objects and beings from existence by focusing on them and having such intent
38.card of skill-> you have perfect skill in any subject that you like
39.card of dreaming-> you have perfect lucid dream control and can control others dreams at will
40.card of shaping-> you can take any form or disappear from physical plane(no shape),mentally unchanged, you can also morph any being if you focus on it and have intent
41.card of history-> you can know anything that has occured in the past with perfect recall, including stuff no one knows
42.card of influence-> all events occur as you wish or as closely as possible
43.card of alteration-> you can rewrites memories/histories, past events and structure
of timelines to your liking
44.card of knowledge-> you gain knowledge on any subject you focus on
45.card of death-> you can resurrect dead beings and can cause anyone you focus on with death intent to die of any natural cause
46.card of comfort-> your environment and circumstances become more and more comfortable as time goes on
47.card of emotion-> you have perfect control over emotions of others and your own, able to experience and project any emotion
48.card of teleportation-> you can teleport anywhere and teleport objects to any location, with all locations focused on accessible to mind sight
49.card of fate-> you see complete timelines of objects and beings you focus on, including your own
50.card of energy-> you have maximum energy possible in your form
51.card of gravity-> you can alter gravity anywhere and change the weight of objects
52.card of technology-> you can communicate with any device directly to command it at will
53.card of command-> any command you say will be followed by beings around you as close as possible
54.card of return-> any damage or harm inflicted on you disappears and appears on the source of damage/harm(be it object or being)

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