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Islam is the most disgusting ideology in the world.

1 Name: Anonymous 2021-03-17 22:07
Islam is the most disgusting ideology still currently practiced in the modern world.

The fact that western nations, under political pressure from leftist organizations allow practitioners of Islam into their countries as "refugees" or "asylum seekers" is the most traitorous usurping of western, European civilisation and cultural values.

Anywhere that Islam goes end up becoming a worse place for everyone to live in terms of human rights and freedoms. The birthrate of the Islamic world is two to three times that of the judeo-Christian world of the west. The math is very simple here. Allow muslims into western nations, and it's only a matter of time before the ethnic majority are outbred by the muslim immigrants and their descendants.

The result: political, social and economic pendulum swings toward the doctrines of Islam as it becomes the dominant ideology within the once western nation. This is the future of most European countries as things stand today. It only takes a few short generations of breeding and immigration to undermine 2,000 years of cultural and social advances.

Enjoy your freedoms while they last. For your grandchildren or great grandchildren will be living by the rules of Sharia. Unless you do something about it. Now.

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